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Pulp Fiction is a famous black comedy crime movie directed by Quentin Tarantino and released in the year 1994. Vincent Vega, portrayed by John Travolta, and Jules Winnfield, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, are the most highlighted characters in this film. It has been an influential movie over the years, having various talented actors. It is an energetic crime film that tells several stories of petty thieves, prizefighters, and hitmen that interlace in various shocking and entertaining ways. There are various characters in the film Pulp Fiction, and every cast member has performed brilliantly in the entire film. They are funny, complex, and charming people, and their excellent qualities force the audience to re-watch them since the film was released. But, if the film Pulp Fiction has to be made today, who might play these exciting and colorful characters? In this article, we have listed some of the best actors who would be perfect for replacing the old cast members of Pulp Fiction.

Pumpkin – Alfie Allen

The character of Pumpkin is portrayed by the famous actor Tim Roth in the 1994’s film Pulp Fiction. At the starting of the film, we see a young couple sitting in a cafe and discussing their career as thieves. Pumpkin is the couple’s male half and an Englishman, who is very arrogant and disappears in the film after meeting his match. Alfie Allen is one of the youngest actors in Hollywood and would be perfect for playing the role of Pumpkin in the 2020 version of Pulp Fiction. He has also played a stunning role as an arrogant young man as Theon Greyjoy in one of the most popular television series, Game of Thrones. Alfie could be a great choice for the role of young criminal Pumpkin.

Honey Bunny – Imogen Poots

Amanda Plummer portrays the character of Honey Bunny in the film Pulp Fiction. She is the female half of the couple sitting in the cafe discussing their mischievous career as thieves. She is shown as a sympathetic, sweet, and young woman in the film Pulp Fiction. Imogen Poots is one of the most versatile actresses at present in Hollywood. She has played a variety of roles in her acting career and could be the perfect choice to play the role of Honey Bunny in the modern version of Pulp Fiction. She has also performed brilliantly in the Green Room and also has the ability to play the demented roles very easily.

Lance – Topher Grace

Lance is a criminal character in the film Pulp Fiction and is portrayed by Eric Stoltz. He is shown to be a drug dealer in the film, and in the entire movie, he is seen eating cereal and wearing a bathrobe. This film includes various mundane characters. Topher Grace is another Hollywood actor who has already played various supporting roles in films. Topher Grace is a hilarious person and could be the perfect choice to play the funny criminal character of Lance in the modern version of Pulp Fiction.

Captain Koons – Michael Shannon

In the film Pulp Fiction, Christopher Walken portrays the character of Captain Koons. He delivers the funniest and strangest speeches in this film. He is one of the best actors in Hollywood who have the ability to deliver their best in a single scene. Michael Shannon is one of the Hollywood actors who have the potential to replace Christopher Walken in the 2020 version of Pulp Fiction. He is very similar to Walken and could deliver similar funny and strange speeches in the film if Pulp Fiction has to be made today.

In this article, we have concluded that all of the above-discussed actors have the potential to replace the old cast members of the 1994’s film Pulp Fiction.

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