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In the previous episode of The Misfit of the Demon King Academy, we saw Anos being conflicted over his participation in the Magic Sword Art Tournament. Ray is the incarnation of Anos’s old friend Shin. He shows his trust in Anos and tells him that he is sure that Anos will win the tournament easily. Although a pure-blooded royal, Ray stands by him knowing well that the royals will hate to see Anos win. But everything is about to change as Ray’s mother is unwell, which is about to pose a threat to their friendship.

The Magic Sword Tournament has already begun, and both Anos and Ray are probably the strongest competitors in it. Even though Anos has won his first match, he still has to face Ray at some point in the tournament but before that happens Ray has already shown that he is not going to show any mercy to his old friend. It’s high time that Anos finds the truth. Even though it was not long ago that Ray was standing by his side, confident that his friend Anos will easily win, all of that is a thing of the past now, and he can’t afford to take Ray lightly.

When Ray approaches Misa and Anos in the waiting room during the tournament being curious they start asking questions. They want to hear from him the reason that he joined the Royalist Demons affiliated group the Lognorth Magic Sword Association. Both Anos and Misa have their theories on why Ray would choose to go with the Royals all of a sudden. Misa is of the opinion that he must have gotten a huge offer from the royals. Ray now seems to be a completely different person. He tells them that he can’t be friends with them anymore because of his new loyalties. He doesn’t want to be around hybrids anymore and is no longer Anos’s friend. He vows that he would himself dispatch Anos when the right time comes.

But Anos is hardly affected by Ray’s intimidations and tells him he must be ready to die when he fights him. Anos then proceeds to tease him to get on his nerves as he is confident that he will put Ray’s resolve to test. Anos’s teasing and taunting finally get to him as Ray strikes him with his sword. Anos immediately fightbacks by digging his fingers into Ray’s chest as he attempts to take his heart out. 

Both of them decide to take a step back at this moment but before Ray leaves, he tells Anos that he is going to destroy him. Their fight worries and upsets Misa as he can’t understand how he has changed so much, watching both of them clash doesn’t go well with her. But Anos suddenly realizes that Ray had a particular magic collar around his neck which makes him wonder if the Royalists had something to do with the changed demeanor of his dear friend. It is very obvious that Ray is hardly in control of himself. Anos concludes that the Royalists are making him do such things by using him as a hostage with the use of the magic sword. But he suddenly remembers that Ray’s spirit mother is in critical condition and maybe that also has something to do with his erratic behavior.

When Misa and Anos visit the hospital, they realize that their speculation was right as they find Ray’s mother in a very critical condition. She has been bedridden and has not talked with anyone for some time. She doesn’t have much time as is it obvious from her condition that she is dying, but Anos believes he can buy her time. With the help of Misa who is herself a half spirit, he creates a spell, while Misa helps him in channelling some strength into Ray’s mother so that she can live a little longer. Anos now seems determined to find out what is going on so that he can protect his friend from the Royalists who are trying to use him as a pawn for some sinister plan.

Although it now seems very obvious that Ray is doing everything for his mother. His biological parents never really cared for him and rejected him. But his adoptive mother came in his life as an angle and gave him all the love and support. She stood by him in his pursuit to become a mighty and noble swordsman and became his protector. That’s why she means the world to Ray who will do anything for her sake that includes turning on his friend Anos and the hybrids. 

Anos too understands his friend’s dilemma, he knows how much Ray used to support him, and there must be a very strong reason for his actions. He decided to get to the bottom of all this and find out what role are the Royalists playing in making Ray act this way? The situation seems very complicated, at one end there is Ray’s mother who is on her deathbed, and on the other hand, the Royalists are using every opportunity to hurt Anos and people around him. But Anos is sure that he will be able to resolve the conflict and create the best possible scenario for everyone, only time will tell how successful he is in his pursuit.


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