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The Umbrella Academy is a superhero web TV series written by Gerard Way. It is based on a comic series, and it is a tale of a dysfunctional family of adopted sibling superheroes. It was broadcasted in the year 2019. Even though the Hargreeves siblings considered themselves family, they were not genetically related to each other because each of them was adopted by Reginald Hargreeves to enroll in his Umbrella Academy. The Hargreeves children were born with superhuman abilities. The Hargreeves were finally able to stop the apocalypse in The Umbrella Academy season 2, but they ended up changing the past.

Here we will discuss every way the academy changed the past.

The Hargreeves Convinced Reginald Not To Adopt Them

Hargreeves met with their father, Reginald, in 1963. To talk to them, Reginald invited them to dinner, where Five explained the creation of the team and how they landed in the 1960’s Dallas. Reginald refused to help because he was unimpressed. However, when they returned to 2019, they found that the “Umbrella Academy” did not exist, and instead, Reginald created the “Sparrow Academy.” In the 1963’s meeting, the Umbrella Academy was convinced not to adopt them when the time came, but it still happened.

Diego Ruined Grace’s Perception Of Reginald

In season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, the most significant moment was the return of Grace. The Hargreeves got to know that Grace was a real person, not a robot. She worked for NASA and was dating Reginald. Diego told Grace that Reginald was planning to kill John F. Kennedy. After hearing this, Grace became suspicious, and when she confirmed the same from Reginald, he told her that he could not share some parts of his life with her. It was the time when Diego ruined Grace’s perception of Reginald.

Allison Got Married

Allison was married to Raymond Chestnut, portrayed by Yusuf Gatewood. She was the only one out of all other Hargreeves who got married in Dallas. Her husband was a civil rights activist. Allison changed the timeline by marrying Raymond and using her powers on the waiter.

Vanya Saved Harlan’s Life

After landing in Dallas, Vanya was hit by a car, which caused her temporary amnesia. After this incident, the lady responsible for the accident, Sissy, helped her and became close to her and her son, Harlan. Vanya and Sissy fell in love with each other, but Sissy’s husband Carl could not let that happen. Vanya decided to leave her family, but Harlan ran away after hearing the plans of Vanya. He was founded in a lake by Vanya, and she saved him from drowning and passed into him some powers. After discussing some of the ways that were responsible for changing the past of The Umbrella Academy, we have concluded that even though there were some changes, but still, at some point, these changes are playing a vital role in the expansion of the story and, at some point, they are ruining the past of the season 1 of The Umbrella Academy.

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