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Internet Protocol version 4 addresses are a vital network element. IPAM can be progressively tricky when the IP address count on a network goes up. More of those IP addresses are used always for databases, microservices, applications and so forth. Therefore, managing all those necessary resources, and what every single one of them is utilized for can make some problems for network admins. For long, people had no option but to manage IPv4 addresses with the functional, yet archaic spreadsheet. There are better IPAM options nowadays.

Internet Protocol Address Management Benefits

IPAM tools offer a simple way of tracking and managing Internet Protocol version 4 address space available on a network. IPAM usually integrates DNS and DHCP, which makes any change in one visible to the other. That would allow automatic updates to happen in the event of detecting a change in DNS or DHCP.

With regards to machine and network security, accessibility to IPAM-related data can simplify detecting possible violations or abuse in your infrastructure. That data includes details like the IPv4 addresses being utilized, which devices each address is allocated to, plus the time it was assigned.

The information is possibly beneficial in identifying issues that could signify security violations or other network abuse. Preventive measures like these are paramount to maintain not just data integrity but also your systems and network’s health.

Compliance And IPAM

IPAM is potentially helpful with regards to compliance as well. Some internal policies are enforceable with the said data and an NAC (network access control) system. For instance, before granting access to a network, the system, with the help of that data, can find out whether your antivirus is updated. That way, both can help to stop an intruder’s attack.

In the event of being subject to regulatory compliance, the IPAM data could aid in identifying the information required to get compliance. For instance, does a regulation require producing a log for a particular period from your computers with the network’s IPv4 assignments? If yes, the data could be quickly utilized to generate that log regularly to enter compliance and stay there.

Networks And IPAM

Compliance and security matter much, but IPAM is pretty helpful in offering you general information about your network’s state and all the addresses in use at a given period. For instance, it is possible to collect information about whether an Internet Protocol version 4 address is dynamic, reserved, static, or in some other status. Further, data like MAC addresses, hostnames, DHCP leases and so forth can be gathered and viewed to aid you in getting a solid summary or comprehensive report about your network activity.

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