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Trust Westmeath Injury Clinic and let the professional staff provide you with the highest quality physiotherapies. This team is committed to offering you personalized solutions and perfect care you deserve. Whenever you feel back pain and it becomes just unbearable day after day, look no further and get in touch with Westmeath Injury Clinic. Finding back pain physio near me has never been as easy as it is today. Here you can always expect patient focus care and the specialists will find the root cause of the injury. Each therapy will be designed around your health needs and you will get rid of the pain you have once experienced. These specialists guarantee long-lasting results and pain relief in the shortest possible time. When you need back pain physio near me just contact Westmeath Injury Clinic and start your pain free journey with this specialized clinic.

You can opt for both upper and low back pain physiotherapy Mullingar. If you suffer from upper back pain then you will face a lot of discomfort. In this case, pain happens in the neck and upper back because muscles become tight and fibrotic. As a result, the blood flow becomes restricted and your muscles don’t get enough oxygen and nutrients. However, if you get help from the local back pain physio in Mullingar, you can get effective treatments. For common upper back problems, physiotherapy treatment consists of the joint mobilisation and soft tissue therapy that includes deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger pointing and stretching techniques. During the treatment, you will also get taping which is designed to help correct posture. The experts will also provide postural advice and preventative strategies. This rehabilitation program also includes strengthening exercises for the back as it also plays a great role for your well-being.

The specialists also offer you low back pain physiotherapy Mullingar which is a safe and cost effective way of treating low back pain issues you are suffering from. The provided therapies will help you restore full movement and prevent the risk of future back pain problems. The sessions of low back pain treatment will also include full assessment and personalised treatment plan, deep tissue massage to release tight and restricted muscles, tailored home exercise programme. Simply discuss your needs with Westmeath Injury Clinic and get bespoke services by the therapists.

Moroever, deep tissues massage Mullingar is also included in the process of back pain physiotherapy. This massage has been proven to be highly effective. It is used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries. Unlike other massage techniques deep tissues massage Mullingar doesn’t focus on relaxation, but helps to treat muscle pain and improve stiffness. By targeting the inner layers of your muscles, this massage will perfectly treat muscle injuries, pain and stiffness. Once you get this therapy, you will feel much improvement in your back, neck and shoulders. Look no further and hurry up to get in touch with Westmeath Injury Clinic so that the experts will find the root cause of your injury and pain. They will certainly help you back to your pain free life!



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