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Description of lifelike sex dolls sex toys

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What can lifelike sex dolls do for us? Some people think that sex toys are just something to increase viewing in R-rated movies, but it is not the case. Sex toys are the best helpers to break the traditional mode of intercourse and add passion and fun. Sex leads to life and happy intercourse, both of which are inseparable from the word “fun”. Sex toys have implemented this goal and made our intercourse become “popular”. So what exactly can it do?

Sex toys are just a general term for related products. Different types of things have different uses and need to be analyzed in detail.

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The vibrator is definitely one of the most photographed sex toys, and it is also the most popular one. Its main purpose is to fully arouse women's interest in intercourse and foreplay. Since a woman is slow to be sexually aroused, more foreplay is needed to get her into shape. The vibrator is incomparable in this regard.

The powerful shock, the smooth and delicate touch, no matter which part of the body, will make her very refreshing. And some special styles in the vibrator family are developed for women's sensitive points. Using them can fully stimulate a woman's sensitive points and greatly increase the chance of orgasm. Not only makes women happy, but also saves men a lot of effort!

Men are most afraid of their incompetence in sexual intercourse, and they will surrender their guns in a few minutes. Therefore, many people long for some panacea to cure. And the so-called aphrodisiacs and aphrodisiacs on the market are very unreliable things, not only ineffective but also affect health. To solve this problem, the Seismic Ring was invented.

The shock ring is a ring body that can be vibrated. If it is firmly put on, it can delay ejaculation and prolong the erection time. Turning on the vibration can also make men and women feel a super strong vibration in the “collision”, which is quite exciting!

Do I need a condom to use silicon sex dolls?

flat chested sex doll condoms are much simpler than the above two toys, but they are improved and innovated on the basis of ordinary condoms. Although it is a very subtle change, the feeling of using it is very different!

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Extreme ultra-thin condoms are much thinner than ordinary condoms, which solves the problem that condoms affect the pleasure of sexual intercourse; condoms with bumps and threads increase the pleasure of sexual intercourse, allowing women to enjoy more full stimulation; fruit-flavored condoms become very cute , and the fragrance is good for kissing! Are mini sex doll good? Which one is used depends on personal preference!

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