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Nothing feels better than wrapping yourself in a warm blanket on a cold day. As children, we each had a special blanket we could never leave home or sleep without. Finding the right blanket that is both cozy and functional for the weather situation can be difficult.

Blanket suppliers in UAE offer a wide range of choices to pick from that will suit your special needs. Blankets can be of various sizes and materials; therefore, buying the right fit can be confusing. In this blog, we will discuss their types. 

Various Blanket Types For You

No one solution is always the best one. There are numerous distinct blanket varieties in addition to multiple types of material.


  1. Comforter: This is the most common kind of blanket. Two huge layers of fabric material are taken to build a comforter. Further, it is filled with material such as feathers, poly fill, or cotton to make it cozier. The kind of material chosen for building the interior and exterior of this blanket type affects how soft it is. Therefore, the most common comforters are cotton or polyester bled from the outside.  
  1. Duvet: This type may be comparable to the comforter; however, it is softer, warmer, and thicker. The main distinction is that comforters are often used without coverings, but duvets are slid into and out. You may imagine a duvet as a large pillow because they often have an outer shell. 

Additionally, his type is offered in all sizes and may fit any bed type. The only component that needs periodic replacement is the covering, making it simple to clean. You get various prints, styles, and colors for these coverings. It also makes it simpler to coordinate with other linens. Duvets are among the coziest blankets and ideal for cold wintry weather. 

  1. Throw blanket: This type of blanket is the trendiest piece and can accentuate your settings. Throws are smaller in size and are mainly used as a decorative accent. These can be used for bedrooms or living or lounge rooms. They provide light coverage while you recline. They are generally lighter in weight and simple to use. You can use these to decorate your bed or couch. 

Furthermore, these are available in numerous styles and are frequently crocheted or woven from fabrics that are softer and lighter in weight. These are great for adding color and texture to your interiors and can also be used for picnics.

  1. Quilt: Three layers make up one quilt. The front and back are made from fabric. The filler, which makes up the center layer, is constructed from polyester, wool, or cotton. It can be distinguished by its distinctive stitching style, including the brightly colored fabrics used in producing it. 

Cotton, the material used to make quilts, is also suitable for usage in the spring and summer. They provide an interesting accent to your decor because they come in various dimensions, patterns, materials, and styles.

  1. Thermal Blankets: These are specifically designed blankets with lightweight plastic sheeting reflecting heat. It is simple and efficient for using, managing, and carrying because of its lightweight design. Its composition and configuration also lessen the loss of body heat. Blanket suppliers in UAE are best known for their thermal blankets.


Any blanket's primary function is to make you comfortable. Given the variety of varieties, picking the best one or comprehending their differences may be simpler. 

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