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Duravex Roofing Group – Dulux Acratex Accredited Applicator

Dulux Acratex Roof Restoration

Do you have a tired, damaged, or in need of repair roof? With our Roof Restoration Service, you can refresh the exterior of your home and restore your roof to like-new condition.

Roof repair is less expensive than a full roof replacement and comes with a 15-year warranty on product performance. Your roof will be cleaned, primed, protected, and sealed with our Dulux Acratex roof membrane coating before being repainted in the colour of your choice from Australia's most trusted paint brand. The finish, quality, and long-term protection given by the comprehensive Dulux Acratex are unrivalled.

What is the purpose of a roof restoration?

It may be time to consider a roof restoration if your roof is beginning to show symptoms of wear, age, and deterioration. Cracked or misaligned tiles, colour fading, water marks, and interior leaks on your ceiling are all symptoms that your roof may need to be restored. These early indicators of roof damage, if ignored, might lead to more serious structural difficulties with your home. By resolving these issues and stopping further damage in its tracks, a roof restoration can help you avoid future costly repairs. Restoring your roof is a simple and cost-effective approach to give your house a new look. If you want to change the colour of your walls, choose from over 1,000 colours in our vast Dulux Acratex and Colorbond colour range, which gives you more options, longer-lasting effects, and less dirt retention. Our roofing experts will better safeguard your roof and restore it to like-new condition

Roof restoration is a cost-effective solution to improve the appearance of your house while also preventing roof damage.

Process of restoring a roof with Dulux Acratex Roof Membrane.

Duravex Roofing Group – Dulux Acratex Accredited Applicator provides a complete end-to-end roof restoration solution. Both metal and tiled roofs can be restored by our Roofing Applicators. A customised assessment, clean, repair, treatment, and seal with a double layer of our proprietary protective membrane are all included. The Dulux Acratex recipe uses Next Generation Advanced Polymer Cross Linking Technology to create a tougher, more durable surface with longer-lasting results.

Inspection and cost estimate:

A free virtual assessment is the first step in the roof restoration process.

Our staff will visualise, scan, and analyse your roof using innovative roof mapping equipment to provide you with a digital quote. After that, you'll be assigned a Project Manager who will conduct a site inspection and develop a comprehensive assessment of your roof's condition, as well as provide you with a customised roof restoration solution and final cost. Now you can sit back and relax while our professional team of Dulux Acratex Approved Roofing Applicator handles the complete roof restoration process from beginning to end.

Repair/Replace tiles or Metal Sheets

Damaged tiles and loose or missing bedding are evaluated throughout the roof, and damaged tiles and faulty valley irons are replaced as needed. Wire brushed, sanded, high pressure cleaned, and treated with Rust Killer, metal roofing. Replace any rusted screws or worn washers.

Clean and repair:

A high-pressure wash will be used to remove any additional dirt, filth, or moss from your roof.

Roof tiles will be repointed, and any missing, faulty, or cracked tiles will be restored, as well as any damaged fixings. After that, your roof will be sterilised to keep algae and fungi from forming beneath the new roof membrane.

Our team of specialists will carefully treat problematic areas after cleaning metal roofs using a power tool designed exclusively to eliminate rust. We'll replace any damaged metal sheets, make sure all screws and nails are securely fastened, and prepare the surface of your roof so it can be primed and sealed.

Gutter Cleaning and Around the house cleaning

Gutter cleaning and around the house cleaning using a high-pressure water cleaner is part of the job, and it removes dirt, moss, lichen, and algae from gutters and downpipes, preventing them from becoming blocked and causing structural damages.

Prime and seal:

To ensure optimal adhesion of your Dulux Acratex Roof Membrane, we'll prime and seal your roof.

Dulux Acratex roof primers and sealers were created to fit the condition of your roof, give extra protection, and prepare the surface of your roof for its double layer of protective coating.


With Next Generation Technology, we apply two layers of our superior Roof Membrane formulation. Choose from a gloss or satin finish to provide ultimate protection and durability, depending on your preferred look. A final coat of Dulux Acratex Roof Glaze can be used for added weather protection and reduced dirt pickup, as well as to achieve a high gloss surface, extend the life of your coating, and resist further weathering.

Job Completion/Drone Inspection:

Our supervisor conducts the last roof inspection to ensure the quality of our work



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