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Earlier the tasks of stirring, whisking and beating were performed by hand because of no such technology available. But everything changed with time. Now we have an Electric Beater which makes the chopping tasks Easier. And has been playing a vital role in the kitchen works since it's arrival.

What is an Electric Beater?

An Electric Beater is a kitchen utensil also known as an Electric Hand Blender or an Electric Hand Mixer. This appliance was invented by Herbert Johnston in 1908, to facilitate the cooks and bakers by automating the repetitive tasks, saving their time and energy.

Though now they have been commonized in almost every house so it's not a big deal having one at your home.

Electric Beater
Electric Beater – Hand Mixer

Different types of Electric Beaters

Stand Mixers Electric Hand Mixer

The Stand Mixers are constructed in such a way that their structure is easy to identify. With a mixing bowl on top of the bass they also have a variety of other attachments which can be used depending on the consistency requirements. Not only the consistency but you can also change the speed according to the type of food.

Though you may find it a little expensive, what matters the most is your health. The workload should not affect your body so we've brought this to you.

Hand Mixers – Hand Blender

Next comes the hand Mixers which may solve your space issue as well. Unlike stand Mixers, Electric Hand Mixers are smaller in size and acquire comparatively less space. They are easy to handle and can be carried from one place to another.

The only drawback is that they need full attention. So, you can't just dump all the stuff and leave them to mix on their own. 

Hand Blender- Manual Mixers 

Hand Blender is the one which has the ability to mix small amounts of ingredients with ease. They do not require electricity to work but you will face no difficulty by hand because they are small and lightweight and work very fluently.

Its body is made up of heavy duty plastic. An additional benefit of this type of m is that you can carry it anywhere with no need of extra space.

Hand-Stand Electric Beaters

After checking on the drawbacks and benefits of both the types- hand and Electric Stand Mixers, the inventors tried to combine both of them.

So, the new variation that took place was a Hand-Stand Beater that acquires less space, is easy to carry, can mix a large proportion of ingredients and can be left to mix without giving full attention to it. 

It is available in a wide range of features and looks in the market.

Electric Hand Blender
Electric Hand Blender – The Buyers Reviews

Top 5 Electric Beater brands in India

Sharing some best Brand of Hand Blender to choose Best Electric Beater in India

Inalsa Hand Mixers

Inalsa is a well known brand constantly impressing it's customers by providing high quality products and professional services for years The Hand Mixer forms Inalsa ia a powerful one, easy to handle, made up of stainless steel. 

Sandhya Egg Electric Beater 

The second best brand of Electric Blender but with more reliable cost and can be suitable for low budget families too. But it's cost does not affect its features. You'll still find it durable, easy to maintain and the best part is that it has an over voltage protection facility.

Inalsa Robot Inox

Inalsa has also introduced a variant which is a highly attractive Electric Beater with better facilities. It has a black plastic top for elegance with stainless steel construction for industrial look.

Not only lightweight but also acquiring less space. So, it can be carried anywhere.

Prestige Hand Mixer

Again comes a brand with a great reputation in the market for its services and quality products.

This Hand Mixer from Prestige is made with elegance. It is easy to operate which anyone could guess by its clean looks. Moreover, it does not require any extra maintenance.

Orpat OHM -207 150 Watt Hand Bleander 

The smart soothing look of this all-rounder Electric Blender by Orpat seems perfect to maintain a smart living standard.

The main features of this mixture includes- a strong holding grip with various speed controls and its versatility.


As discussed above, these Electric Beaters proved to be incredibly beneficial for sleep pal who feel the need of an extra helping hand while working. Also in case you find any Electric Beater much expensive or acquiring extra space which you can't afford, there are several other options.



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