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Exercises for 55+ to do in the fall season

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As a senior citizen, a good workout is one of the ingredients of a healthy lifestyle and overall wellbeing. A workout routine is highly recommended in order for seniors to stay physically fit and healthy all the time. At Connect55+, we are dedicated to making your retirement life fun and active.That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on exercise and workouts to make your body flexible and physically fit. Our retirement community homes like 55+Apartments Kansas City KS, are modern and feature state-of-the-art amenities.

As we approach the fall season, we are going to share with you some simple and easy to do exercises that are recommended for 55+ seniors.

1) Chair Yoga

For seniors, rigorous high-impact exercises are never recommended. Chair yoga is one of the best low-impact exercises that seniors of 55+ can engage in routinely to build body muscles, improve flexibility, mobility, and body balance. Chair yoga also helps in improving the mental health of seniors as it incorporates meditation.

2) Brisk Walking

Brisk walking is a low-impact aerobic exercise that works well for seniors by stretching their muscles without hurting the joints. It’s a good substitute for older adults who have problems with jogging. To achieve meaningful fitness results, onemust master the technique of changing the legs fast, increasing strides, and maintaining a good posture.

3) Arm weights

When you lift arm weights, you will strengthen your hand and upper back muscles. A stronger upper body and shoulders help your body achieve a great posture. For older adults, it’s advisable to start doing arm weights while seated in a chair. You can later start lifting arm weights while standing when your hand muscles strengthen.

4) Stationary cycling

Riding stationary bicycles is a simple yet effective exercise that is ideal for seniors. At our various Connect55+community centers, we have modern stationery bikes at members’ disposal. This aerobic exercise puts minimal pressure on your body joints and therefore, there is no worry for injuries compared to real cycling outdoors.

5) Routine stretching

Stretching your body should be done on a daily basis. When you stretch your body muscles, you feel refreshed and relaxed. It’s important to ensure that you have stretched all the muscles including the neck, legs, back, arms, chest, and abdomen. Doing routine stretching gives your body much-needed flexibility, balance, and strength.

6) Pilates

Another simple low-impact exercise that seniors can do in the fall season is Pirates. All you need to have are mats, pirate balls, and other inflatable equipment. Seniors can do leg and side circles, mermaid movement, side ups, food slides. Pirates exercise helps in improving balance, flexibility, and overall body strength.

7) Resistance bands workouts

Resistance bands workouts are easy and simple indoor exercises that seniors can use to build body muscles, posture, and mobility. Most common forms of resistance bands workout for seniors range from; lateral raise, bicep curl, leg press, band pull apart, and triceps press. It’s ideal for beginners or seniors who are getting back to workouts.

At Connect55+, we have the best community homes for seniors and well-trained staff who are equipped with the necessary skills to make the quality of your retirement life fun and much easier. We have a wide range of retirement homes that our new members can choose ranging from; 55+ Apartments Kansas City KS, Independent Senior Apartments Olathe KS, 55+ Apartments Altoona IA, and Senior Apartments In Manchester, CT.

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