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A woman's fertility depends on the condition of her fallopian tubes. If these tubes transport eggs from the ovaries to the uterus become blocked, conception may be compromised or even impossible. The lack of a healthy tubal lining is a common cause of female infertility. When a woman's fallopian tubes get obstructed, this condition develops.

Most blocked fallopian tubes are treated by painful and expensive surgical procedures or assisted reproductive technology (ART). In addition, the condition may return if the underlying causes of the obstruction aren't addressed.

Natural fallopian tube blockage treatment in Delhi is an area of expertise for Dr Chanchal Sharma. He provides a comprehensive, non-invasive Treatment for women who choose a more holistic approach to unblocking their fallopian tubes. Dr. Sharma's treatment is discussed in this article, as is its potential to improve fertility and clear tubal blockages.

The cause of a blocked fallopian tube

Tubal obstruction can come from a wide variety of different factors.

  •       It's possible that tubal obstruction is caused by an infection in the fallopian tubes and that such infections are spread through sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  •       Noncancerous muscle cells and fibrous connective tissues are what the medical community has determined to make up a fibroid. They can obstruct the tubes' passage by growing inside or around them.
  •       Endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to that which lines the uterus begins to grow in other areas of the pelvis, ovaries, and tubes.
  •       When an embryo implants in a place other than the uterus, this condition is known as an ectopic pregnancy. The fallopian tubes may become obstructed. It may also cause bleeding from the vaginal area and abdominal pain.
  •       Pelvic adhesions can form when bits of scar tissue become lodged inside the pelvic cavity. The digestive tract, urinary system, genitalia (including the ovaries and uterus), and gynaecological tract may all be impacted.

The signs of a blocked fallopian tube

Since the term “tubal blockage” is not used in Ayurveda, the symptoms associated with a blocked fallopian tube are not mentioned in the ancient literature. However, by evaluating all gynaecological illnesses, one can gain an understanding of the clinical aspects. The primary complaint is infertility (bandhyatva), and the diagnosis of tubal obstruction is reached through examination. Bandhyatva is the immediate sign of tubal block.

Until a woman has trouble conceiving, she may not suspect she has an issue with her fallopian tubes. Pain, often minor but persistent, on one side of the abdomen has been linked to obstructed tubes.

One form of fallopian tube blockage is called hydrosalpinx. Low stomach ache and vaginal discharge are indicators of a tube obstruction. Not all ladies may suffer the symptoms.

Causes Of Infertility Related To The Fallopian Tubes

The uterus has two smaller tubes, called fallopian tubes, on either side. The uterine tube facilitates the transport of the mature egg to the uterus for fertilisation. When something obstructs the fallopian tube, we say that it is blocked. Both tubes are susceptible to obstruction. Around 40% of cases of female infertility can be linked to such an underlying reason.

Each time a woman has her period, her ovaries create a fresh egg. The uterus receives a fertilised egg after it travels through the fallopian tubes. The fallopian tube is the meeting place for the egg and the sperm in most pregnancies.

However, if both tubes are obstructed, a woman cannot conceive even if one of her eggs is fertilised. There are varying degrees of blockage in the tubes. A pregnancy that develops outside of the uterus is called a tubal pregnancy. In Ayurveda, this condition is referred to as pittaja yoni vyapada. Yonivyapad, in this context, is analogous to a vaginal infection.

Can blocked fallopian tubes be cleared with Ayurvedic remedies?

Ayurvedic fallopian tube blockage treatment in Delhi is more likely to be successful in Aasha Ayurveda. With regular Ayurvedic treatment, fallopian tube blockages can be cleared. With the help of Chanchal Sharma at Aasha Ayurveda, you don't need surgery to get better.

Unblocking Your Tubes Naturally

The ancient Indian medical practice of Ayurveda inspired Dr. Sharma's approach to unblocking the fallopian tubes. To improve health and eliminate any underlying problems, natural fallopian tube blockage treatment in Delhi, like herbal medicines and lifestyle adjustments, is emphasised.

Dr. Sharma may recommend massage therapy, dietary adjustments, and herbal medicines to treat individuals with obstructed fallopian tubes and restore fertility. She may suggest activities and stress reduction to improve wellness.

Alternative eating plans

In addition to medication, Dr. Sharma recommends paying close attention to diet when dealing with blocked fallopian tubes. Improve your health and fertility by eating substantial, nutrient-dense foods. Dr Sharma may advise a diet high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals and low in processed foods, sugar, and saturated fat. He may recommend fertility-boosting foods like nuts, seeds, and dark greens.

Herbal remedies

Herbal medicines are part of Dr Sharma's fallopian tube blockage treatment in Delhi. Careful consideration led to the selection of this natural treatment for tubal obstruction, which aims to improve overall health and eliminate any underlying causes. Ayurvedic practitioners have used castor oil, Shatavari, and other herbs for decades to boost conception and reproductive health.

Massage therapy

In addition to medication, Dr. Sharma suggests massage therapy for unblocking fallopian tubes. Massage can help improve circulation, reduce stress, and enhance overall health and well-being. Due to its anti-inflammatory and calming effects, massage treatment may also help women conceive, which can be done professionally at Aasha Ayurveda.

Relaxation Methods

As with many other health issues, stress can make infertility worse. Dr. Sharma may recommend yoga, meditation, or deep breathing as ways for women to reduce stress and take better care of themselves.


It can be frustrating and stressful for women trying to conceive if one of their fallopian tubes is blocked. In Delhi, conventional fallopian tube blockage treatment often entails surgery or assisted reproductive technology. However, they have the potential to be risky, expensive, and ineffective. Using herbal remedies, dietary changes, massage therapy, and stress-reduction tactics, Dr. Chanchal Sharma, an expert in Ayurvedic medicine, offers a non-invasive and holistic treatment for tubal obstruction. Women who have exhausted conventional medical options for treating tubal blockage may benefit from Dr. Sharma's expertise and commitment to Natural therapy.


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