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Yamaha Gear 125 is an entry level scooter with the most features.

Yamaha recently launched a new scooter, namely Gear 125. Conceptually, this scooter is the result of the development of the Mio series with a more complete design and features. Present as an entry level scooter, the Yamaha Gear 125 is said to be a match for the Honda Vario 125.

Their engine capacity is similar. The new Yamaha Gear 125 concept is sold at an affordable price for all people. For the S-version type, it sells for IDR 17,350,000 while the Standard type sells for IDR 16,750,000 OTR Jakarta.

This price is more or less equivalent to the Honda Beat, Honda's current cheapest scooter. So what makes Yamaha Gear 125 interesting?

There are quite a lot of functional features in Yamaha Gear 125 2021

Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing creates a new innovation for front brake accessories with a large capacity which is adjustable with the addition of a double hook. This makes users free to adjust the front rack capacity according to their needs, especially when carrying lots of items.

In addition, with innovative children's footrests and flexible footrest accessories. makes the position of the rider's feet more comfortable when driving even when carrying a lot of loads.

As a modern motorbike, Yamaha Gear has certainly been given functional modern features. Charging sockets, Smart Motor Generator, Answer Back System, and Start Stop System are standard in this scooter.

It is more practical with the Electric Power Socket to charge cellphone batteries while driving. Indeed, the focus of this Yamaha Gear is to become a functional scooter for the day.

Yamaha Gear 125 Engine Performance Less Powerful?

The 125 cc engine on the Yamaha Gear is nothing special about performance.

The power source for the Yamaha Gear comes from a 4-stroke, 124.96 cc single-cylinder SOHC engine with an injection combustion system. The Yamaha Gear engine can produce a power of 7.0 kW / 8000 rpm and a torque of 9.5 Nm / 5500 rpm.

The output turned out to be small, because the Vario 125 is bigger on paper. The Honda Vario 125 has a power of 8.2 kW (11.1 PS) / 8,500 rpm and a torque of 10.8 Nm (1.1 kgf.m) / 5,000 rpm. So, what if we compare it to the Honda Beat, which has a similar price?

Based on specification data, the Honda Beat engine only produces power of 6.6 kW (9.0 PS) /7,500 rpm and torque of 9.3 N.m (0.95 kgf.m) / 5,500 rpm. Yamaha Gear is better but this new scooter from Yamaha is still inferior to the Vario 125.

Honda Vario 125 Better than Yamaha Gear?

There is a price, it seems that this philosophy may apply in all things including scooters. The Honda Vario 125 is sold for around IDR 20 million, and at a higher price there are usually some things that are better.

In terms of features, the Honda Vario 125 also has an Idling Stop System (ISS), similar to the SSS on Yamaha. Unlike Yamaha, Honda has the CBS braking technology available on the Vario 125. This braking works simultaneously for the front and rear wheels.

Furthermore, the Vario 125 uses the latest and sophisticated Full digital Panelmeter. This instrument panel contains information on fuel consumption, digital clock, speedometer, tripmeter, oil change, battery indicator and battery voltage.

Unfortunately, the Vario 125 does not have the USB Charger feature like the one available on the Yamaha Gear 125. It's unfortunate because this feature is needed so much as the usage of the cellphone gets more intense.

So it can be concluded, if the features on the Yamaha Gear 125 are almost all available on the Honda Vario 125 except the USB Charger. Vario is also superior in the instrument panel features braking features. The power of the Vario 125 is also better than Gear 125.


With the most expensive price of IDR 17,350,000, the Yamaha Gear 125 is present as a feature-rich scooter. Unfortunately, the name of the cheap Yamaha scooter is increasingly sinking with the increasingly popular popularity of Honda Beat et al.

Indeed, the innovation made by Yamaha Indonesia using this Diasil engine seemed to be a big blunder that left many fans behind. Repair of these machines was more expensive, so people finally changed course to Honda.

Even though in terms of feature completeness, the Yamaha Gear 125 deserves to be appreciated because it is the most complete with a price difference of Rp. 3.2 million with the most expensive type Vario 125. So, don't be afraid to buy a Yamaha as long as routine maintenance is carried out.


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