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The developer of God of War, Santa Monica Studios, has worked hard and came with many titles in the game to keep the game alive among the fans. The developer has already announced the sequel of God of War, which was released in the year 2018, but the future of the sequel is looking uncertain to some extent, and the fans are looking for some confirmed news regarding the sequel. Meanwhile, when the fan is looking for the sequel of the God of War, there are several myths and legends which could be explored in God of War 2. Here, is the list of some myths and legends to explored if the fans like to do so:-


FENRIR  is a giant wolf and among the children of Angrboda and Loki, who was born to kill Odin during Ragnarok. It would be fascinating to see Fenrir and the other children of Loki belong to Norse mythology if they would be recreated in the next title of God of War. FENRIR could be supposed to be the friend of Kratos and Atreus as they both are against Odin along with the family of Aesir Gods.


HEL is the last of the children of Loki in Norse mythology and is the ruler of Helheim, where She serves as the keeper of the dead. If the developing team of Santa Monica Studios is working on making Hel appeared as the impressive boss, then it would be a great idea, and she could emerge as the goal which is locked behind the enormous Eagle, Hraesvelgr. The players of Hraesvelgr have already met in the God of War previously. If Hel could appear as interacting with Freya, who is a grieving mother and fighting hard to bring her son back from death, then it is going to give a fantastic turn to the story.


SIF could be another God who could be included in the upcoming God of war. She is the wife of Thor and has lost her child, who is killed by Atreus and now determined to take revenge. The developing team of Santa Monica Studios is working on developing and utilizing this character along with Freya as they both could join their hands together to ally against the enemies. However, these all are still speculations, but it would be great if both characters Freya and SIF could have appeared in the next God of War.


SLEIPNIR is also among one of the children of Loki but may have been born from the trickster god, and this happened due to the shapeshifting ability of Loki. It revealed that SLEIPNIR, who always sits in an odd position, is a horse having eight legs, and Odin has claimed him. Odin used SLEIPNIR to ride into the battle, and he is not the child of Angrboda. It seems that he is not going to end up on either side of the Atreus or Kratos and may be turned up into the boss fight from   Aesir and Odin's side.


The developers could expand the story of Angrboda in various ways as there is a lot of potential in the role of Angrboda, who has not been mentioned much in Norse mythology. It is known to the fans that Angrboda is the mother of Jormungandr, Hel and Fenrir and has the giant shape. The developers could expand the role of Angrboda by depicting her in the typical size of humans as the prospective love interest for Atreus. The emergence of Angrboda in the standard human size as the potential love interest of Atreus would shape the story of the game an exciting arc.

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