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Honda Beat is one of the popular scooters in Indonesia. Naturally, affordable prices and a reputation as an economical motorbike are held by this product made by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM). And we think this is a good opportunity to buy it because there are pieces of up to millions of rupiah.

The purchase promo for Honda Beat itself was actually handed down directly by the brand holder. However, regarding the nominal information, of course, comes from the AHM sales network. From the treats of Wahana Honda for example. This Honda motorcycle main dealer in the Jakarta-Tangerang area provides a discount of IDR 1.3 million for Honda Beat buyers.

It's just that there are special requirements. The reason is, the Honda Beat discount program is only valid for the purchase of 2020 units only. The offer will also last until January 31, 2021. Although it is not the newest unit, it is quite advantageous that the rates are set for the deduction of down payments. 

Based on this determination, it is clear that the early year promo from Wahana Honda is intended for those of you who want Honda Beat credit. Judging from the installment simulation of one of its dealer networks, Honda Cengkareng, it can be seen that Honda Beat's down payment (DP) starts from IDR 2 million. With the advance discount, all you have to do is submit an admission fee of Rp. 700 thousand. 

From there, you can determine the tenor variants from 11, 17, 23, 27, 29, 33 to 35 months. It is certain that the cheapest Honda Beat installments are in the longest tenor. With the entry fee and choosing a tenor of 35 months, you only need to submit installments of IDR 743 thousand. Choosing a tenor of 23 or 27 months, according to us, is still at the level of reasoning. After all, the mandatory monthly deposit is still in the range of Rp. 800 to Rp. 900 thousand. Besides that, your installments will also be faster. 

Thanks to this discount, we think there is nothing wrong with seeing a purchase scheme with a maximum DP. It was recorded that from a similar source, the maximum down payment was IDR 3.8 million. If the discount was cut, then it would be enough to submit a down payment of Rp 2.5 million. Even if you choose a tenor of 35 months, your Honda Beat installments are only IDR 600 thousand. If you have the ability to pay Rp. 800 thousand in installments, you can direct the Honda Beat credit method to a 23 month tenor. 

For information, the credit scheme actually applies to the purchase of Honda Beat CBS, Honda Beat CBS ISS and Honda Beat Street . How about purchasing a Honda Beat CBS ISS Deluxe? In this highest type there is no significant difference, because the DP provision is only Rp. 100 thousand adrift. Meanwhile, the installment question was the same as for other types of credit. Our advice, you should just choose this top Beat variant. 

Why Should You Buy Honda Beat CBS ISS Deluxe?  

Different from other variants, Honda Beat Deluxe has a more elegant appearance. There is no decal like Beat CBS or CBS ISS. On the black and silver body (option), only a 3D emblem is presented to decorate the side body. In fact, that's the basic difference, especially when comparing Beat Deluxe with Beat CBS ISS. 

Equipment such as the Combi Brake System (CBS) and the Idling Stop System (ISS) has been applied by Honda in both variants. Likewise, the availability of a 12 volt power outlet which is located just below the key housing. For this device charger that is not owned by the Honda Beat CBS. Meanwhile, the locking system itself is still magnetic only. This presentation is the same as the Honda Genio which is already side by side with the seat opening button. 

Honda Beat Has Compact Dimensions

The reason for buying a Honda Beat cannot be separated from its compact dimensions. Its total body size calculation is 1,877 x 669 x 1,074 mm. The seat height and the lowest distance to the asphalt of this scooter are only 740 mm and 147 mm. Friendly to be ridden by men, especially women. Moreover, with a weight of only 89 kg (CBS type) and 90 kg (CBS ISS). 

The weight of this latest generation Honda Beat is in fact lighter than the old Honda Beat. This happens because of the reduction in the frame and engine. This scooter already uses a lightweight eSAF (enhanced smart architecture frame) chassis because it uses steel – not iron like the previous Beat generation. This development also has an impact on increasing the capacity of the gas tank (4.2 liters) and luggage as much as 12 liters.  

Meanwhile, at the mechanical heart, the new Honda Beat has a smaller engine size. Not only that, he has also been fitted with an ACG Starter so that the engine starts up smoothly. The latest eSP engine designed by AHM is also able to carve a power of 9 Ps at 7,500 rpm and a torque of 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. This mix and match makes it agile for everyday use. Moreover, he also has a fuel efficiency record of up to 60.6 km / liter (ISS feature on). In a full tank condition, he is also claimed to be able to travel 254.52 km. 


Honda Beat itself is not the first product to use novelties such as the chassis and engine. The reason is, AHM did this application first on the Honda Genio. This of course became part of their development of Beat. After all, so far the scooter has also become one of the backbone of Honda's sales in Indonesia. 

Improvements to it are also very important. And interestingly, Honda Beat still holds the status of Honda's cheap scooter. Not only that. After all, by buying the latest Honda Beat you get a more contemporary appearance. It can be seen from the front lighting design with complementary LED lamps. Apart from Genio and Beat, the use of the new engine and frame was also carried out on the Honda Scoopy 2021. However, of course this unit is priced more expensive.


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