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High-quality eye care services for cataract surgery

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Best Eye Doctor in Bathinda

Often, we hear from older people that they are facing difficulty in sighting clearly through the naked eye. This problem is mainly known as cataracts which develop with the aging process. It causes the natural lens behind the eyes to decay with the breakage of proteins. Thus, the problem of cataracts starts developing with the most common symptom of blurry vision. Though, the problem may develop fast in individuals after 40 or might take time for some. But, it can be easily fixed with the help of an outpatient procedure or cataract surgery. Dr. Gourav Mangla is the best eye doctor in Bathinda practicing ophthalmology with years of expertise in eye care and surgeries.

Undergo surgery with the latest techniques

In this era of technology, getting cataract eye surgery has become a cakewalk. With professional expertise and medical care, you can get rid of blurry vision in just one minor surgery which is performed with high-tech techniques. You can visit Vasu eye institute & skin centre which offers cataract eye surgery using the phacoemulsification technique. The technique works with a phaco machine that replaces the natural lens of the eye with an artificial one known as an Intraocular lens. This lens entails no care and becomes a perpetual part of the eye. Thus, by replacing your natural lens with this lens, you can have clear vision.

Reasons to undergo cataract surgery

It is needless to state that by getting this surgery from the best eye doctor in Bathinda, you can evade the need to use vision glasses. The IO lens can mitigate the risk of losing the near, middle, and far distance vision when replaced correctly. Cataract surgery has been shown to mitigate the risk of falling which could be risky with growing age. Check some reasons below why medical experts recommend getting cataract surgery.

Better vision to enjoy life

Having blurred vision could restrict you from many routine chores such as reading the newspaper, working on PC, watching TV, etc. But when you have cataract surgery, your vision will improve drastically to change your life. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose from a wider range of lenses provided by our eye hospital. The lenses are certified and tested to correct either fat sight, near sight, or both. Thus, it will evade your reliance on glasses that helps you to resume your favorite hobbies.

Faster recovery with no risk

While having medical consultation with the best eye doctor in Bathinda, your eye will be examined thoroughly. The modern-day techniques are highly advanced so it takes a short time to operate cataracts. The recovery from this surgery is often faster and shorter too. Within a few days, your vision will be improved and you will be able to see normally. Although, a little precaution from dust and allergy is needed.

Look no further than Vasu eye institute & skin centre for high-tech cataract surgery. You can visit OPD for an examination of the eye and schedule an operation date with the ophthalmologist.


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