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 Coming back home after a hectic day at work is the best feeling, as our environment clearly impacts our mood and mind. In this expanding Work-From-Home environment, we spend most of our time at home. All of us want to make our homes Instagram-worthy by redecorating them. However, the idea of investing all of your time and money in it can be daunting. Let Me Decor has got your back, here are five affordable and fantastic home decor ideas without burning a hole into your pockets.

  • Always DIY — Do it Yourself

DIY- Do It Yourself is quite a trend and is amongst the most inexpensive home decor ideas. If you are restricting yourself to buying expensive and huge home decor, then DIY is what you need to learn. We have a lot of DIY ideas all over the Internet, where they teach you to recycle, reuse and recreate creative and beautiful decor items with household objects on a very low budget. For example, If you are looking for a curated plant pot, you can easily DIY with the help of any soft toy and white cement and turn it into a plant pot for your desk

2. Add Greens — Make it Prettier & Healthier.

Going Green is always a good and safe plan, Adding plants to your home gives an aesthetic look and plants help us both mentally because it brings peace and calmness and physically purifies the air. Plants in the living room always bring colour and brightness to the area for affordable pricing. Artificial alternatives can be considered if keeping natural plants is difficult.

Recreation is always affordable. Look around you and see what you can recreate and recycle into a beautiful decorative piece. Check out a few recreation examples:

Bottle Lights: Bottle lights are trendy these days, and if you go for buying, they may cost you around 900–2000 INR. We have got you the hack, lookout for a clean wine bottle and a fairy light and you are done. You can easily create your own bottle light of any colour you like.

  • Dream Catcher: Dream Catchers are beautiful and add a positive vibe to your room, but those colourful dream catchers price can make you wonder it worth, but what if you can make your dream catcher in less than 100 bucks? There are many tutorials on YouTube and the Internet which you can refer to.
  • Add Cozy Cushions: Cushions are a must to make a living room and bedroom cosy. You can use your old clothes and bedsheets to make colourful cushion covers, add some tassels and furs to make it more aesthetic.

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Using that same old furniture can be boring, why not sell second-hand furniture and bring in new ones? This will definitely cost you less, also, if you are looking for designer furniture, then walk up to a local carpenter can ask them to create one as you desire. This will also cost you cheaper as compared to the online market.A single new couch, such as a comfy new lounge chair, a sleek new side table, a bookshelf, a brightly coloured sitting and store side table, or a rocking chair, can quickly convert your space. You’re halfway there even if you invest in a single statement piece and place it thoughtfully against the rest of the room’s items.In the end, you don’t need to be a trained artist or interior designer to design your home in your style. All you need is a little imagination and a personal touch. With the Let Me Decor collection of affordable home decor, you can give your home a new look for much less. The creative DIY’s can be a good home decor idea to give rooms a budget-friendly makeover, and also you can use what you already have to make low-cost home decor. The above suggestions will help you in creating the look you desire while decorating on a budget, allowing you to spend less and have more style.

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Talking about affordable home decor ideas, how about re-painting? If you are bored of gazing at that same old wall, then paint your wall with colours reflecting your personality and it will change the way your home looks. It may sound daunting at first, but you won’t regret it later. Also, one can make this job easier and cut down the labour expense by seeking help from your friends. You can also look for exciting DIY and painting ideas from Pinterest and YouTube.Online Lighting Stores India


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