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There comes a time in the remote work lifestyle when your priorities and needs change. Our bodies get used to habits reasonably quickly, so a few tricks and triggers may not be as effective in addressing areas of concern when trying to stay on top of your tasks. Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to freshen things up and keep you on your toes.

If this is the case for you, and you’re looking to give your home office its long overdue upgrade – make sure to consider these additions.

Modern LED Floor Lamp
Well-lit workstations are critical for proper efficiency for most tasks. Lighting directly affects an individual’s mood and disposition as well. And while it is highly recommended to have an office where you get as much sunlight as possible, working after hours can’t be helped.

When the typical desk lamp won’t do the job anymore, it’s time to elevate your lighting fixtures to a more sophisticated yet productivity-inspiring option like a modern LED floor lamp from Atamin. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home office, but it also drives home professionalism in your space.

Give your home office elevated illumination that not only lights your room up but also helps you focus on your tasks. These kinds of specialized floor lamps are just what you need to transform your home office in a positive way.

Ergonomic Office Chairs
Are you still using your dining table seat for your home office? Did you know that the pandemic and remote work adaptation has made lower back and neck pain even more common? Your posture could be suffering due to poor positioning brought by working from home.

We know it can be difficult to justify purchasing office equipment to be used at home. But, if you don’t give your body the proper support during your long working hours, you will pay for it later with neck cramps and a stiff back!

Extended Display Setups
More often than not, working from home means multi-tasking or having multiple tabs and windows open. Laptops or a single monitor just won’t cut it anymore. If you’ve worked from home long enough, you will find that having an extended display or dual-monitor setup may increase your productivity.

Eliminate the need to use personal devices to accomplish your tasks and give your eyes less struggle in trying to go through minimized windows. You’d also be surprised just how time-consuming it can be to be switching tabs, windows, and devices when you don’t have to.

With more jobs that require multiple monitoring or data analysis, seeing everything all at once or in real-time can be a crucial benefit of your work. So, invest in an extra monitor to have more room to work with. While having dual monitors can be an intimidating thought, it’s becoming something of a standard.

Where to Begin?
Don’t fall behind in giving yourself the workstation you deserve at home. Whether it’s improved lighting with a modern LED floor lamp, a comfy gaming chair for a more ergonomic seat to protect your posture while working, or finally adding an extra monitor for added display real estate – you deserve it.

To start, visit Atamin and take a look at their selection of high-quality floor lamps and other modern furniture pieces and lighting solutions. For anyone looking for a way to give their home office a much-needed overhaul, this is one store you won’t want to miss. You can easily shop online to find just what you’re looking for.

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