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A person with diabetes can eat a balanced, healthful diet without giving up the foods they enjoy. The important factors in an effective diabetes diet include moderation and careful food choice to maintain healthful blood sugar levels. In this article, we identify some of the best foods for stabilizing insulin and blood sugar levels. We also look at certain foods a person with diabetes should avoid or eat only in moderation.

Another fantastic tool for Blood Balance Formula is intermittent fasting or time-restricted feeding. These techniques can easily be incorporated into any diet you choose to follow. These techniques either incorporate extended periods of fasting into the day, or limit the window of time during which you will eat. For example, you may fast for 12 hours (overnight) between the last bite of dinner and the first bite of breakfast. Or, you may choose to fast one day per week, or even as often as every other day. Others choose to limit the window in which they will eat to 10, 8, 6, or even fewer hours, depending on how intensive they want to be.

Elevated blood sugar levels maintained for an extended period of time can push someone who is “prediabetic” into having full-blown diabetes (which now affects about one in every three adults in the U.S.). Even for people who aren’t necessarily at a high risk for developing diabetes or heart complications, poorly managed blood sugar can lead to common complications, including fatigue, weight gain and sugar cravings. In extreme cases, elevated blood sugar can even contribute to strokes, amputations, coma and death in people with a history of insulin resistance.


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