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Homemade soaps are becoming quite famous these days among minimalists. This is because homemade soaps are considered better for the skin than other soaps. If you have a small homemade soap business, you may be looking for a way to make your product stand out. 

In this competitive market, small businesses face a lot of difficulties with their budget and everything. If you want a low-cost method of making sure your brand stands out, then custom packaging for homemade soaps is the way of doing things.

Customized soap boxes for your homemade soaps may be an excellent way to present your presents in front of your customers. Your packaging is your product's first interaction with the customer. If you have attractive packaging, you can make more sales. This article will help you design the perfect packaging for your homemade soaps. By following our tips, you can easily win the market.

Making The Perfect Packaging For Homemade Soap:

Here are our few tips on making your homemade soap packaging perfect and becoming the market winner with your product. So let's get started with our excellent tips.

Work With The Right Material:

The whole packaging process for your homemade soap boxes depends entirely on the material you use. If the material is excellent, you can have a perfect box. But, on the contrary, if you mess up the material, the box is ruined. 

When choosing the material to make packaging for homemade soap, you need to check out for a few things to make sure you have the right one. Here are our tips for choosing the correct box.

  • Make sure the material is durable.
  • The material should be eco-friendly.
  • Be sure you have a material that supports excellent printing.
  • It should protect your product against the weather.
  • It should give an excellent feel when touched.

These are some everyday things you should consider in your material. Here are some of our top picks for choosing suitable packaging material.

Kraft Paper:

Kraft is an excellent material and a great choice to make packaging for homemade soap because of its biodegradable nature. Kraft is the most sustainable packaging material you can find in the market. Another great feature of kraft soap boxes is their durability and lightweight nature. Compared to the strength this paper holds, it is pretty lightweight, which makes transportation convenient and affordable. 

Kraft has a natural brown surface which doesn't support very high-quality printing, but it is still an excellent option if you are going with a minimalistic packaging design.


If you want something to print high-quality graphic images on, cardboard is the obvious choice. It is the most common packaging material with an excellent surface that makes printing easier. Along with this feature, cardboard is also very durable. 

These features make it an excellent choice to make custom packaging for homemade soap. Cardboard is also eco-friendly with its recyclable nature. It can be reused again once used and thrown away. All these features make cardboard an excellent material choice.

Corrugated Handmade Soap Boxes:

Another great choice for your packaging is corrugated paperboard. Most small businesses list their products on eCommerce stores rather than traditional malls. If you ship your handmade soaps to your customers, corrugated paperboard is the right choice for you.

This material is an excellent choice to make packaging for homemade soaps and makes shipping easier. Handmade soaps require very specific features in their packaging. They need to be protected against heat and moisture. Corrugated material makes sure they are protected. That is why it is an excellent choice to make your shipping boxes.

These are our suggestions for you to choose an excellent material for your packaging. Be sure to check out the features when choosing your packaging material.

Design It Well:

Design matters a lot for your packaging. An attractively designed box can help you make your product experience better for the customer. When designing your box, there are a few details you should never miss. Let's discuss them;

Add Your Logo:

Your logo is your brand's identity. It helps you connect with the customer and improve your sales. Don't miss out on your logo. Print it on your packaging to make it much more attractive. There are many packaging companies like OXO Packaging that make custom boxes with logo for businesses.

Add Product Information:

Product information is an important aspect to mention on your packaging for homemade soaps. Mention the ingredients used in your soap along with other information that the customer might want to know about your product.

Keep It Simplistic:

Another thing you need to keep in mind when designing your packaging is to keep it simplistic. Go with one base color. That will make sure your packaging looks attractive.

Add Some Images:

Add some images to your packaging for homemade soaps to make them more attractive. A simple digital image would do the trick. By showing what your product looks like by printing an image, you make sure you can win more customers.

These are some excellent tips to improve the design of your packaging boxes.

Make Sure You Have An Excellent Box Style:

An attractive box style can help you in improving your sales. You need to give the customer an excellent unboxing experience if you wish to retain them. Here are some excellent box styles to choose from;

These are some excellent style ideas for your handmade soap packaging. With an excellent style, you can easily attract more customers. 


These are our tips on creating the perfect packaging for your homemade soap. By following these tips, you can create an excellent packaging box for your soaps. So if you are looking to create an excellent packaging box for your business, follow these tips and get the best out of your packaging.


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