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The heart as well as the capital of India, Delhi is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in India with a population of around 25 million and if the adjoining areas of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan all of which part form of NCR is included, the population is a huge 50 million. NCR region comprises those cities which lie alongside Delhi but are from other states. These cities are situated adjacent to Delhi and are readily connected through various modes of conveyance and a lot of people migrate everyday between the cities for work.

Medical facilities in Delhi are also abundant and hence, a lot of medical tourism is also directed towards the national capital.

Hair transplant in Delhi has also gained huge popularity and it has now become the hub of hair transplant in India where patients from all across the country and even world travel in search of best hair transplant. There is always a caution to be taken care of when getting treated in Delhi NCR and that is related to finding a genuine, experienced and authentic surgeon and clinic because there are a lot of mom and pop clinics which sell hair transplant as a cosmetic solution instead of considering it as a surgical procedure and thus, compromise big time on safety and result quality.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is pioneer and leading clinic in Delhi which has been providing consistent successful hair transplant results. Over the past 15+ years medispa hair transplant clinic has treated more than 5000 hair transplant cases including the highly complex cases which were turned down by other clinics or correction surgeries. Dr Suneet Soni, the owner and surgeon at Medispa is one of the most talented and reputed hair transplant surgeons in the country whose skills have been recognized worldwide and thus, he has bagged several national and international awards.

Hair transplant cost in Delhi has also nosedived because of the abundant competition in the city in the hair transplant field. Generally talking hair transplant cost is already on a lower side in India as compared to the US, UK or even UAE. It ranges from INR 60,000 to INR 400,000 depending upon the case and hence, one should not compromise further on the cost because then there are chances of compromise on the quality of the procedure.

Some important factors which should be used to avail best hair transplant are explained as follows:

  • Educational qualification of the surgeon: This should be thoroughly verified as it distinguishes authentic surgeons from technicians or quacks often trying to provide hair transplant solution. The adequate qualification to perform hair transplant is super specialization in plastic surgery and authorized certification by the hair transplant forums nationally or internationally. 
  • Experience of the surgeon of the clinic: Again should be fully verified both in terms of the years of practice and also the numbers of the cases performed. One more aspect is about the complexity of cases handled and the techniques used.
  • Reputation: This is similar to brand equity because it takes years and years of toil and successful results to gain a reputation and credibility. In the internet age, it is easy to verify through social networking, photo galleries of past patients etc.
  • Technology support: A good hair transplant clinic and surgeon will always leverage technology as much as they can, the reason is that it reduces bottlenecks, enhances the results and reduces complications. The hair transplant clinics should have a separate aseptic operatory to perform the hair transplant which has to be well equipped and fulfilled with all safety protocols. The hair transplant clinic should have high quality armamentarium to perform the hair transplant in order to add perfection to the results. The hygiene protocols should be taken special care of so as to achieve complication free hair transplant.
  • Single surgeon clinic versus the multispecialty centres: The clinic with single hair transplant surgeon can be more preferred as compared to the multispecialty ones where the hired doctors keep replacing every now and then. Apparently everyone would want to meet the same doctor throughout the process of hair transplant and the observation of the results. With multispecialty clinics you cannot be assured of that which can be disappointing so be wise while you decide rather than regretting later.
  • Patient centric treatment: Last but not the least, the clinic should have a customized approach towards the patient after fully understanding the case profile instead of offering a singular treatment to every patient.


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