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Piso Wifi Pause time is a software application which lets you to log into your internet connection. This feature also allows you to save your internet connection. 

When you are not at home you can use the feature of 10.0.01 piso wifi vendo pause to disconnect from the internet for a specific period of time and this feature is best to use when you are not at home or travelling. 

Installing Using Piso Wifi Pause Time

 To go for piso wifi pause time you have to visit the website of the same and the IP address will be and once you visit the website you will be able to pause your connection. 

Once the connection will be paused and later on when you want to resume the connection you can simply visit the website again and reconnect to the internet. 

You can also adjust the amount of data you use or you can also change the password whenever you want. 

To use Piso wifi pause time you are required to install an application on your device which trigger the pause when the device is not able to receive a data pack. 

Checking if You have Paused the Time 

If you are not sure if you have paused the time on Piso wifi then you can check the connection on your web portal to find out about the same. 

Now, you need to fill in the password you have created for piso wifi pause and follow the instructions provided to you on the screen. 

Once you have filled in the new login details of your account you can restart the devices you are using on which you have connected to the Piso wifi. 

Once you have accessed it you can change the gateway address anytime you want and set a new password for the same. 

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