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If you are new to living with pet cats, you must understand the risks that come with it. One of the dangers of having cats at home is the possible worm infestation that may occur. Yes, that is right. This scenario may happen if you and your family are not careful in the things you do at home. Or when you do not employ proper hygiene, expect that your home may witness various forms of infestations.

Thus, to prevent medical problems caused by worms not only in your pets but also among your family members, good hygiene must be followed. 

Here are the things you must do when you have indoor felines:

  • Clean the litter box regularly
  • Change the litter
  • Scrub the box thoroughly 

Here are the things you must do when you have outdoor felines:

Scoop feces that are in the flower beds, yard, or sandbox and make sure to dispose of the waste properly.

Understand that worm infections in cats may be transferred to humans. Here are some means of transmission:

  • Kids playing in areas where cats pooped
  • Humans walking on contaminated dirt without any feet protection 
  • Doing some gardening in contaminated soil without using gloves

Work with your veterinarians Omaha, NE in creating a health preventive program that includes your pet's year-round protection against internal and external parasites.


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