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How to Setup Cricut Maker 3: A Complete Tutorial

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Wondering how to setup Cricut Maker 3? Cricut Maker 3 is one of the excellent Cricut machines you can use. This tool is brilliant in terms of cutting and efficiency. Cricut has made this machine even faster than its predecessor.

If I tell you why I like this tool so much, it is because it has many better features, which you’ll not usually get in any other crafting machine. With the help of the right tools and guidance, you can use it quite effectively.

Well, this blog is all about its setup, which is the first step in going ahead with this fantastic machine. However, the setup is easy; many people might not know the tricks behind its setup. Through this blog, I am going to show you the Cricut Maker setup effortlessly. Here we go!

What Comes With Cricut Maker 3 Box?

As you already know, this machine is a full powerhouse of brilliance and creativity; it comes with certain tools that you should know. Do you know this machine can cut 300+ materials quickly? Isn’t it interesting?

You can cut delicate to hard materials like paper, leather, and wood; it cuts everything. When you get what this machine can do, you should also know that it comes with a few accessories; let’s see the list here.

  • Cricut Maker 3 machine
  • USB cable
  • Fine point blade
  • A power adapter
  • Material samples for practice

If you buy a Cricut Maker 3 ever, you will get all these in its box. But, it won’t include Cricut mats, rotary blades, and pens like its previous model.

How to Setup Cricut Maker 3 on Your Computer?

Now, you will learn the Cricut Maker 3 setup step by step. As soon as you get a Maker 3, your first task is to unbox it and check all the important accessories in its box. Then, you will be ready to set it up and get the Cricut Design app, a design software with which you can create projects. Let’s look at the steps.

  1. After you successfully unbox your machine, place it in a cool, dry, and flat place.
  2. Then, plug it into the power outlet and turn it on.
  3. After that, connect your Maker 3 to the computer device using a USB cable or a Bluetooth connection.
  4. Now, navigate to Cricut’s official website and get the Cricut Design Space on your device.
  5. Next, a New Machine setup window will appear on your screen.
  6. Continue with the on-screen steps to allow your software to download on your system.
  7. In the end, you are ready to use the Design Space to make projects for any material, such as vinyl, fabric, and many more.

I have shared how to setup Cricut Maker 3 in short. Furthermore, you can also get the Cricut Access subscription, which is a special membership to get more features from the Design Space. Hence, if you want to get more features, you can opt for the Cricut Access subscription. The great news is that it is completely free for 30 days.

How to Download Cricut Design Space on a Computer?

Users who don’t have any idea how to download and install the Cricut software can learn it from my guide. When you unbox your machine and connect your Maker 3 to the computer, you will need to get this software from Cricut’s official website. This website allows you to download the latest version of Cricut software.

  1. In the first step, head to an internet browser and navigate to design.cricut.com.
  2. Press the Download button to start downloading the software on your device.

  1. Once the software is downloaded, head to the Downloads folder on the device.
  2. Next, find your file under the Downloads folder and double-click on it to open it.

  1. After that, you will see an installation window.
  2. Now, continue with the on-screen steps.
  3. Open your software’s file and sign in to the Cricut ID to use your account.

  1. Those who are new to the Cricut account should create a new account.
  2. Afterward, select your Cricut machine model.
  3. You also need to update the firmware, if necessary.
  4. If you want to use more features of Cricut software, subscribe to Cricut Access.

During this process, you will need the Cricut ID and password. You can either use your existing IDs or create a new one instantly. But, the users who are new to this task may not have an ID already. So they can create one easily. 


You understand how to setup Cricut Maker 3, and now you will be able to use your Cricut Maker machine easily. This setup process doesn’t need technical knowledge to get started.

All you need to do is to gather up all the necessary equipment and tools and connect the Cricut to a computer.

After that, get the Design Space software installed on your PC and start setting up your Maker 3 using the on-screen steps. To get more features and functions in Cricut, you can use the Cricut Access subscription.


How to Set up Cricut Maker 3 on Laptop?

First of all, launch the Start menu and choose the Settings option. After that, go to the Devices option, make sure that the Bluetooth option is ON, and press the Add Bluetooth or other device option. Now, choose the Bluetooth option and let your computer identify your Cricut machine.

How Do I Perform Cricut Maker Setup?

If you are setting up your Cricut Maker for the first time, unbox your Maker machine and place it in a safe place. Next, you need to connect your Cricut to a computer. Once connected, you will need to get the Design Space software installed on your PC. Now, sign in to your Cricut account and get ready to make anything you want.

Why Choose Cricut Maker 3?

The Cricut Maker 3 machine is brilliant and has been a winner. Its two times faster cutting speed makes it stand out from the competition from other machines. Moreover, it can handle the Cricut smart materials very well. Anyone who wants a powerful Cricut machine can go for the Maker 3.

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Source: https://cricutdesignapp.wordpress.com/2024/02/27/how-to-setup-cricut-maker-3-a-complete-tutorial/


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