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Whether you want to start a chair massage business to provide stress relief and burnout prevention, or you simply want to make a profit, there are many benefits to providing this service for your company's employees and clients. In addition to the health benefits, chair massage is a great way to promote your business while saving money. You should include chair massage in your annual budget, but remember that it must be profitable for you to keep it as a business.

Stress reduction

The first step to starting your own chair massage business is to get some experience. If you have no experience, try finding just one gig before you commit to more. If you have limited experience, offer to bring your massage chair to the office. You can also offer to set up in local coffee shops, gift stores, and waiting rooms. The next step is to advertise your chair massage business to attract potential clients. Once you have a list of prospective clients, you can start pursuing these new customers.

Research shows that people are suffering from a high amount of stress. They are so caught up in projects and tasks that winding down at night can seem impossible. But one happy side effect of chair massage is an increased sleep. And this is not just for the office environment; it can benefit the entire organization. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, activity-based workplace wellness programs have a $3-$5.82 return on investment. Additionally, these programs can decrease healthcare costs, absenteeism, and insurance costs. These results make it a smart investment for any business.

Prevention of burnout

A key component of a successful corporate massage program is a well-designed marketing plan. Learn what motivates your employees and what makes them happy. Only then can you move forward with the plan. A bad culture at work can lead to high employee turnover, so be sure to create a positive and productive environment before starting a business. Also, consider investing in professional equipment, such as a massage table, and professionally printed business cards.

A Better Body's newly updated service focuses on stress reduction in the workplace. Stress can lead to a host of negative outcomes in an organization, from poor health to lower productivity. Its corporate chair massage service helps reduce employee stress and boost productivity. This is important for any business, and massage chairs can help create a healthy and cohesive environment. By providing employees with stress relief, you can be confident in your ability to make a positive impact on your organization's culture and bottom line.


If you have the passion and dedication to run a successful corporate chair massage business, you can start a business from home. However, if you want to sell your massage services, you must invest in professional equipment. The equipment you use should be clean and comfortable, and you should replace worn padding. Additionally, you should be meticulous about your appearance. Invest in professionally printed business cards and keep your equipment clean. These are your best assets for attracting new clients, and they can act as powerful referral sources.

If you plan to provide chair massage services to corporate clients, it is essential to set a reasonable pricing for the service. A one-hour session may cost as little as $10 to $15, which is the cost of a decent lunch. A multi-day event with multiple teams can be priced from $60 to $65 per hour. Many top-tier companies have already begun offering on-the-job massages for their employees, and with the increasing focus on wellness initiatives and employee wellbeing, this type of service is becoming more popular and more common.

Identifying your ideal client

To begin your business, you must first identify your ideal client. You can do this by researching how your ideal client searches online for products and services. Identify what key words and phrases they use. Use these key phrases as the basis of your articles. For example, if they search for “hair care tips”, they'll be searching for such information. For this reason, you should write articles on the topic.

After you've established a good idea of your target demographic, the next step is to identify what makes them tick. Do they value independent licensed professionals? Is this an area that you'd be happy to serve? Does your ideal client have specific needs? If so, you should be able to address these needs in your marketing strategy. If your ideal client values independence and quality services, then this is an ideal niche for you.


If you've decided to get into the corporate chair massage business, you've probably already started researching marketing strategies. In order to stand out in a competitive field, you'll need to make sure you run your business in a professional manner. That means branding and professional dress, and working to blend in with the company culture. Here's how to make sure your marketing materials and business look professional. In addition, the business owner will need to consider advertising in the media, as well.

Getting on the first page of Google is a great marketing strategy. However, make sure you spend most of your time getting in front of potential clients, not on marketing social media. Once you have a few clients, you'll only have a small amount of time each week to spend marketing. Instead, focus on one social media platform to attract new clients. By doing this, you can easily gain a lot of exposure.



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