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Fortnite is widely known for its dynamic battle-royale mode and weekly challenges. Recently, Fortnite has received Season 3, and gamers across the globe are busy in exploring it. The game has obtained a lot of acclamation yet, and still, it is willing to acquire more. Although Epic Games is best for handling the Fortnite affairs quite well however in Season 3, they lack in doing it. Gamers are facing a lot of difficulty in roaming in the Fortnite world due to a lack of transporting mediums.

However, according to Epic Games and several veteran gamers, there are boats and Choppa available in the game. Thus, in this article, we will help the players know about Choppa alongside ways to find it. Additionally, in this article, we will also unleash the new feature of Fortnite; Loot Vaults, and we are also going to share how Choppa can help in opening them. The whole process is complicated, so we advise the gamers to be aware while reading the article.

How to Use Choppa to Open Loot Vaults

First, gamers need to know that Loot Vaults are one of the new latest inclusion in the game. However, it has appeared for a temporary time in Season 2. Gamers need to know that these vaults are filled with a plethora of weapons and essentials items. Thus, we advise all the players to start finding the Loot Vaults.

Gamers can easily open the Loot Vaults by using the Keycard; however, it is hard to obtain it because numerous minions are deployed to guard it. Players need first to beat all the deployed NCPs. Moreover, there is one particular kind of Loot Vault known as Authority Loot, and gamers cannot open it with the help of a Keycard. Although this method can be applied in other vaults too for that, players need to unlock the restriction.

A popular gamer over Youtube has illustrated about unlocking all the Loot vaults without a Key card. According to his method, gamers need to move in the South-east direction from the Authority building. Afterward, players need to take the first right, and then they will find a Choppa standing over there. Now, gamers can use Choppa to find and infiltrate the Loot Vaults.


The article contains information about Choppa and Loot Vault of Fortnite Season 3. In this article, we have provided the guide to open the Loot Vaults with Key cards and without Key cards. We believe that all the gamers who have visited this article will succeed in opening the Loot vaults with the help of Choppa.

Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Fortnite Season 3 on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, and iOS.


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