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If you think about it, your jewelry tells a great story. It shows your passions, memories, and beliefs and symbolizes what’s most meaningful to you. Although jewelry is much more than a fashion statement, it also represents your style and personality. The next time you purchase fine jewelry or put together various jewelry looks, think about choosing pieces that suit you with the following tips.

Go On a Sentimental Jewelry

Jewelry with special meaning may be pieces you wear every day, or they may be for special occasions, or to add interest to your outfits. Regardless, everyone should have at least one piece of jewelry that’s not only beautiful but meaningful. Some examples of sentimental jewelry include handmade lockets with diamonds with photos of your children inside or a custom charm with coordinates of a significant location. Your unique piece of sentimental jewelry keeps memories close to your heart and gives you warm vibes.

Mix Your Metals

Remember when you only wore all silver or all gold but not both at the same time? Thankfully, styles have evolved and mixing different metals while still creating a seamless look is a stylish way to wear jewelry today. Rather than wearing three gold bracelets, try wearing one or two in a different metal of your choice. Solid yellow gold and rose gold are a great combination for creating warmth, while sterling silver and white gold offer a cool tone to your look. You could also choose a single mixed metal piece. Looking for the perfect balance of elegance and class? Monogram oval charms with sterling silver in the center surrounded by a solid gold frame and diamonds look lovely.

Embrace Timeless & Trendless

Artisan-crafted fine jewelry may follow trends but also be timeless in nature. Pieces will be as stylish now as they are in 20 years from now. You can be inspired by trends and let them influence your fashion decisions without sacrificing your personal taste and style. As your personal style evolves, you’ll wear the pieces that make you feel the most confident while also letting your personality shine through.

Have Fun with Rings

Whether you like minimalist, delicate bands with a few subtle diamonds or big blingy rings on multiple fingers, it takes some thought to assemble your ring game. Mixed metal rings, ring stacks, and signets can all be worn to create a different look every day if you want. Rings add versatility to your outfits and jewelry looks. Do you have a specific symbol or a word you want to wear around your finger? Try incorporating a theme into your ring looks. You could also have a custom family ring designed with the names of family members. Play with different metal colors, textures, widths, and pairings that look great and add a unique element to your jewelry look.

About Heather B. Moore

Personalize your jewelry collection with fine handmade pieces by Heather B. Moore. One-of-a-kind jewelry is made with the highest level of craftsmanship and designed to capture life’s most precious moments. Each piece, whether it’s a mommy charm or monogrammed keychain, is hand stamped, offering a unique personality to match the wearer. Heather B. Moore’s collections include hand stamped charms, bracelets, earrings, chains, rings, and accessories. Most pieces are available in a variety of fine metals and materials, including sterling silver and solid yellow, rose, and white gold. Bring cherished memories to life with meaningful words, initials, quotes, and even a loved one’s exact handwriting or a child’s doodle. Every letter, number, and symbol is hand stamped with a freehand technique, making the final piece a personal and sentimental heirloom.

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