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Virtual Reality has garnered suitable attention from various industries ranging from aviation automotive to defense, healthcare, and more. The Military's adoption of Virtual Reality for training purposes in all three services, the army, navy, and the air force have helped soldiers prepare for complex combat situations in safe virtual environments.

The Military was one of the first fields that rushed to adopt VR before the technology even hit the commercial market. Being allotted $715 billion for FY2022, which is up by $10 billion, from FY2021's $705 billion, it is undoubtedly essential that proper funds get allocated to training soldiers to get combat-ready.

The DiSTI Corporation is a renowned and trusted solutions provider to the Military and private DOD contractors. The DiSTI Corporation's line of services for the Military helps clients enhance their skill transfer and offers experiential training in real-time data-driven applications without real-life threats. GL Studio® for the Defense Industry ensures optimal performance through a revolutionary approach, land, sea, or air.

Being the global leading provider of virtual training solutions, The DiSTI Corporation has been awarded a $5.4M delivery order from the United States Army to upgrade the Stryker Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Trainer (DTT). DiSTI’s wide clientele includes world-renowned defense giants including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Singapore Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Air National Guard.

Training soldiers can be expensive and time-consuming since it involves transportation, safety, specialized grounds, facilities, and more. Implementing Virtual Reality can be costly initially but cost-effective in the long run. 

VR enables soldiers to train and get a realistic battlefield experience without subjecting them to real-world threats. VR in military training helps soldiers familiarize themselves with high-pressure life-threatening situations in a virtual environment. The benefits of Virtual Reality in various sectors of military training are endless.

Transformative Applications Of VR In Military Training

The Military is using comprehensive technologies for modern warfare in the current times; however, VR is the most preferred option for military training. VR offers flexibility in simulations, enabling soldiers to gain real-life experience while being in a secure virtual environment. 

Besides the numerous possibilities of simulations, VR offers a range of other benefits in military training, making it the most effective and widely used option. Let us look at the applications of VR in military training.

Situational Experience

Virtual Reality enables military training in extreme environments such as jungles and deserts, enabling soldiers to enhance their navigation and teamwork skills. Traditional boot camps entail training with artificial weaponry on specialized grounds that lack real-life experience. VR can create simulated boot camps, including caves, motion trackers, vests, and weapons to provide realistic experiences.

Surviving in high-pressure and life-threatening situations is made possible through Virtual Reality military training, all while keeping troops in a safe space far from real-life threats and dangers. It helps soldiers improve their decision-making and combat skills along with their tactical and strategic thinking.

The DiSTI Corporation offers services ranging from flight simulators to virtual maintenance training and has been serving the DoD industry for 25 years now. We have been prime, or subcontractor, to some of the most extensive global programs for the vehicle, airframe maintainer, and operator trainers. 

Our intuitive software, such as GL Studio® for the defense industry, enables seamless skill transfer and knowledge retention. Our solutions promote optimal performance through a revolutionary approach, whether land, sea, or air.

Activity-Based Training

VR military training utilizes haptic technology that acts as an excellent tool for activity-related training such as weapon handling along with life-threatening activities such as parachute jumping. VR lets soldiers familiarize themselves with working inside claustrophobic military equipment such as submarines and tanks.

With many personnel requiring high-level training, rolling out practical training can be costly but crucial. VR cost-effectively facilitates training soldiers, ensuring that thousands of military personnel avail consistent training that can be easily monitored to evaluate individual performance.

The DiSTI Corporation's VE Studio® enables the development of complex, scalable training solutions to help warfighters improve their skills and readiness during chaotic situations. VE Studio® is the world's most proven development platform for creating 3D virtual training solutions using VR and AR applications. It allows you to create complex and immersive commercial and military training applications with the ability to deploy to a multitude of devices.

DiSTI's virtual training is designed to reduce costs and boost operational efficiency, especially when the activity is mission-critical. VE Studio® is the global authority used by Defense companies to build scalable training applications to increase trainees' efficiency. VE Studio® offers a unique set of productivity tools that help create, implement, and monitor interactive training scenarios.


Virtual Reality training is a cost-effective, safe, and advanced tool for soldiers to gain situational awareness, reduce training expenses and get combat-ready through virtual simulations of challenging terrains and high-pressure situations. It helps warfighters gain insights that improve their tactical and strategic thinking skills. 

DiSTI's innovative VR professional solutions boost engagement through interaction. Our software development platform solutions allow rapid prototyping of complex avionics displays for seamless integration into training simulators and production vehicles and aircraft. VE Studio® for the Defense Industry enables clients to develop complex, scalable training solutions for Vehicle, Airframe Maintainer, and Operator Trainers.

Want to learn more about virtual reality military training? Please inquire about our Defense offerings today.



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