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Flutter is a mobile development framework that has gained a lot of attention among programmers all around the world. It combines features from cross-platform and native development approaches to allow developers to create strong apps in a short period of time. Flutter is a free and open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows you to create high-performing Android and iOS apps using a single code base.  It’s a dynamic, cross-platform framework that Google released in 2018 with all the integrated widgets and features that make app development go faster. 

Here is the important features of Flutter.

Support cross-platform 

If you’re new to app development, the amount of information available on how to build an Android app or launch an iOS app might be confusing. So why not create apps for both iOS and Android? Flutter gives you access to easy cross-platform mobile app development tools that save you time and eliminate the difficulties that come with simultaneously building two apps. Your task will be lot easier if you have a single codebase for both platforms. 

Animation library 

Flutter app development comes with lots of libraries. Because of this reason, developers prefer the framework over other SDKs for cross-platform app development, and they can also create better UI/UX for mobile apps because of its huge library. 

Although hybrid applications run on a variety of mobile OS systems, they require a huge number of animations customized to each platform. Flutter hybrid provides access to a wide array of resources.  As a result, clients have the freedom and flexibility to pick what works best for the hybrid mobile app.

  Dart Language 

The Flutter platform uses the Dart programming language as its primary language. As a result, regardless of the app or OS platform, developers can only create code in one language. Flutter can operate excellently across iOS and Android devices because of its common language. Furthermore, when working with Flutter, developers have fewer challenges and do not need to modify their code approaches. 

Hot Reloading 

This is one of the most important facets of Flutter application development. Developers can view changes to the code in real time due to the hot reload functionality. Because the modifications are seen immediately, the developers can correct their errors (if any). Furthermore, making required modifications throughout the implementation of a mobile app becomes easy. 

 These are the most important  features of Flutter for mobile app development . Let’s start from the beginning with the best Flutter app development training in Kochi, which will help you understand the concepts more easily. You can also choose the best Flutter training in Kochi to improve your skills and always keep learning to make yourself capable in this highly competitive world. 


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