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The Activation Lock that the tech giant introduced in iPhone works with the Find My app. It locks your lost or stolen phone remotely and sends a message along with protecting your data from unauthorized access.

The security feature that Apple built and introduced into every iPhone running iOS 7 or newer version works perfectly in conjunction with the app ‘Find My ‘. It helps the users to prevent their data from any unauthorized access. The need to use this option fortunately never arises; however, it is essential to know how to use the feature and turn on or off the lock.

Apple has always been serious about security features in its gadgets to protect the users’ privacy in all circumstances. Whether you have lost your phone or private data is at the risk of exposure due to outright theft or planned attack by cyber criminals remotely, Apple has the security solution always to protect its users’ data. Some of its advanced authentication techniques that the tech giant evolved include Face ID, unlocking devices with Apple Watch, and Touch ID. Still, a passcode can be placed as the fallback option.

Along with iOS security updates, any of these help the users prevent their data from any accidental access. Even these security features prevent your devices from remote attacks planned by cyber thieves. But, once you lose your device to any thief, it becomes more vulnerable. That’s why you need to understand Activation Lock.

The users can use the Activation Lock to mark their iPhone as stolen or lost. It prevents the iPhone from being reactivated by someone else without having the permission of its owner. The entire process has been done through the Find My app. It shows the exact location of users’ Apple devices and devices supported by the third party.

Above all, it allows the users to erase the iPhone if it is under threat of some remote cyber attack, contains some sensitive information, or is suspected to be lost or stolen. You could restore the iPhone if you made the recent backup. Activation Lock will be enabled automatically if you enable Find My as it comes as the default setting on any iPhone. If you are using a gifted or pre-owned, you should go to the Settings app to check the status.

You need to enter Find My in the search bar to check it. When you enable Find My, Activation Lock automatically prevents iPhone activation, making it clear to whoever holds it that their device is missing. It gives the owner an option to share a message and a contact number in the hopes of recovery. If you retrieve your iPhone safely, you can easily remove the Activation Lock again.

Removing and Using Activation Lock

While using Activation Lock, the iPhone owner can use the Find My app and another iOS device to locate it, play a sound, get directions, mark it as lost, and erase the device. You can also do it from any web browser. All you need to do is to log in to icloud.com. After that, you need to click on the option ‘Find iPhone.’ It will lock the screen of your iPhone and will begin displaying a custom message.

It will also prevent your device from reselling to another person as the potential buyer gets to know that it is a lost device. Plus, the potential buyer will not be able to reactivate the device without having the authentic password.

When it comes to removing Activation Lock, it can be done either remotely or in person. You can enter your username and password for the Apple ID associated with your iPhone and then follow the on-screen instructions to remove the Activation Lock when it is in your hand. Removal of Activation Lock can also be done if you want to sell your iPhone. It would help if you switched off your iPhone before selling it.

If the iPhone is no longer in possession of its original owner, it can be unlocked through iCloud. Here, the Find My app can erase the iPhone and remove it from the Apple account. Overall, Activation Lock is a fantastic security feature working excellently with online iCloud or Find My tool to protect the users’ online data and helping them to recover their stolen or lost iPhones.

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