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Is a kitchen chimney really required? | Urban Repairing

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Chimneys have always been a part of the kitchen since ancient times. It sucks and takes out all the smoke of the kitchen outside, making our kitchen fresh even after a heavy cooking duration.

Is the kitchen chimney necessary? Yes, A kitchen chimney is really necessary. It sucks up all the oily and smoky particles released during cooking and makes the kitchen as well as home fresh and free from pollution. Due to this, most of the time it is also referred to as the “heart of the kitchen”.

Now, most homeowners go for open kitchens. It really looks cool and classy but if your chimney does not have a higher suction power then you would find that the smell of the food items and the oily or greasy particles would enter even your living rooms. It will not only make your kitchen walls look dull but it will also make other rooms like living rooms and the curtains full of greasy stains.

Why use a kitchen chimney?
Who doesn’t want a clean and fresh kitchen? All of us want our kitchen to be clean. Whenever we go cooking the first thing we want to see is a clean kitchen, free from unwanted smells. This is easily possible if you have an electric kitchen chimney installed in your kitchen.

Let’s look at all the benefits of using a chimney.

Clean and Fresh Kitchen
Everyday cooking and the release of oily and greasy particles to deep-frying turn our kitchen walls and tiles yellowish in color. This color is only due to greasy smoke from the vegetable oil and spices. Therefore, a chimney is required to suck up all the smoke right from above the stove, just at the time of release to keep our kitchen clean.

Even a newly renovated kitchen would tumbledown in 2-3 months without a chimney. The cabinets would also get a lot of spots which would make them appear very old. So, a chimney is a highly necessary element of the kitchen.

Improvement in Kitchen Experience
Some of the time while frying spices and chilies, we come across a sneezing attack due to the irritating smell and aroma from them.

These smells not only be in the kitchen but go throughout the house and everyone becomes uncomfortable. Many people are much more sensitive to these smells and for them, it causes uneasiness in their breathing.

But, if you have a kitchen chimney installed then it would suck up all these irritating smells and would save you from a sneezing attack.

Saves from indoor air pollution
While cooking most the things that burn out oil, fats, and carbohydrates. Burning of these substances releases fumes which include Carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other gases which are very harmful to our lungs.

Daily consumption of these gases can cause serious health problems that most of us are not even aware of.

Using chimneys in your kitchen can save you from these diseases and keep your kitchen pollution-free.

To maintain the lifespan of your chimney and for regular cleaning, you can call the chimney cleaning services in Pune and relax. They will do everything for you. 


Urban Repairing hopes that now you know the working mechanism of the auto clean chimney and its benefits. In case of any assistance or cleaning, you can avail of the chimney services in Pune and get professional help at your doorstep within 5 minutes. 




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