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Guys we're back and we're better and this lingerie is the next challenge fenty outfit that i have to show you it's so cute it's this thong and then they're cotton bralette i love these bralettes they're so comfortable perfect for wearing around the house throughout the day or underneath t-shirts whatever it's so comfortable and this has a really cute print on it i feel like it's back to school vibes.

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It's like call me dear diary i will not kiss in class super cute pink vibes i always love the lace trim with these you guys are just so comfortable if i could have every single color way of this bralette i would so yeah i am obsessed with their bralettes and then of course we gotta get the matching chonies to go with i love that they you know give good coverage for us and the lace is so stretchy and comfortable to wear throughout the day it's not like staying in places you don't want it to it's just so comfy and cozy.

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And perfect for your everyday wear and lounging you guys now this one oh this is spicy the bottoms this is like how they go the cup of everything wow okay so i realized that i had it on backward but loki wearing it in reverse was fine please disregard my dogs in the background here's what we're looking like savage you guys this bra.


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The color the little like it has a little bit of like padding in there to give me a little lift the lacy like peekaboo we have the logo right here the little details this is so beautiful this color very pretty gives me like a garden fairy just enchanting beautiful i feel so good in this i'm sexy i'm sexy savage eggs fenty always comes through with the heat right gg right he says right this looks so good i love this 10 out of 10 just everything everything all right so i have two more outfits that i want to show you but i can't actually wear on camera because they're just so risque but i love it this like teddy so beautiful the way that it like hits at your natural waist really accentuates all of your curves the figure it just looks so so good just imagine it



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