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What is the most important component to live a wholesome life? The answer to this critical question is – a healthy life that is free from stress and diseases. To achieve this goal, we need good healthcare that is easily accessible to all.

Healthcare is a basic human right that every individual deserves. Unfortunately, the disparity in society has made the poor deprived of it. The advantages of healthcare are limited to the privileged class only. To fight this unpleasant reality, NGOs for Health are committed to creating a world where quality healthcare is available to all irrespective of their social status.

The inequality in our system is responsible for the unfair treatment of the underprivileged class. Irregular healthcare facilities are a challenge in rural India that needs dedicated efforts. Making healthcare accessible is a task that requires the collective support of the people, government and non-governmental organizations.

The NGOs for health and healthcare have a major role to play in eliminating the vulnerabilities faced by the underprivileged population. The healthcare industry needs plenty of dedicated work to improve facilities and lead the way for the underprivileged.

Role and Responsibilities of an NGO for Health

Creating Awareness

There is a high rate of poverty and low literacy in rural areas. On top of that people have a limited means which is barely enough to arrange food and shelter. In such situations, health-seeking behavior is a rare phenomenon.

Lovely Foundation, an NGO for Health creates awareness about various healthcare facilities available to the underprivileged class of society. This is done by identifying vulnerable societies and arranging awareness campaigns. Such campaigns are designed to educate people and motivate them to seek quality healthcare in case of emergencies.

Addressing the Flaws of System

Healthcare is deeply affected by the lack of infrastructure in the rural areas. Only one-fourth of the total population of rural areas has access to proper infrastructure. The rest of the people are facing the challenge of inadequate medical professionals and the absence of basic medicines.

The NGOs for Health are aware of the flaws of our system. To solve this issue, NGOs organize health camps in the rural area. These camps have specialized healthcare services, sufficient medicines, and point-of-care tests. They also collaborate with local authorities to ensure that more people get care at the right time.

Focus on Women and Children

Pregnant women and children are at an increased risk of adversities that are caused by inefficient healthcare. The high rates of maternal and infant mortality are still persistent. Pregnant women are weak, they need complete attention during the sensitive time of pregnancy. Children, on the other hand, deserve a childhood free from malnutrition.

The NGOs for Health has a relentless approach to maternal and child healthcare. It has taken the initiative to provide ambulances for pregnant women in case of emergencies. It also emphasizes primary healthcare services by arranging static clinics in remote locations.

Improvement in Healthcare

The healthcare sector in rural India has drawbacks but there is room for improvement. Underprivileged people are at the receiving end of the inadequate supply of healthcare services. This critical issue can be solved by understanding some of the other problems faced by the people. The problems that increase the difficulty of poor people are financial instability, lack of transportation, difficulty in communication, and lack of trust and confidence in receiving quality medical care.  

Lovely Foundation, an NGO for health is constantly taking measures to address these issues. Help is given using financial aid to weaker sections of society. The aim is to uplift the people so that no one has difficulty seeking quality healthcare.

Bottom Line

Everybody deserves to sustain a healthy life irrespective of their position in society. But even today, healthcare is not easily available to many people. There are people who don’t have access to primary healthcare and hospitals. This unpleasant reality demands immediate attention.

Lovely Foundation, an NGO for Health understands various issues that lead to collapsing healthcare. The volunteers of this organization are making great efforts to address the lack of proper healthcare in rural areas. With a pledge to serve humanity, they are working with determination to make corrective efforts in the healthcare industry.


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