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Most new cars come with an automatic transmission, but manufacturers are still producing manual transmission vehicles, and you can still find many vehicles at the best used cars Boise dealerships with manual stick shifts. Is one better than the other? If given the option, which should you choose? Automatic and manual transmissions have their distinct pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the Difference?

The main differences between manual and automatic cars are the design, performance, and level of driver involvement. Manuals are often the only way to go for driving enthusiasts, as it makes them feel more in control and closer to their cars. It requires knowing when to switch gears, which gear to be in, and managing both the clutch and stick simultaneously. An automatic does all of this for you. All you really need to manage is the gas and brake. Some cars might offer a sport or towing mode, where you’re able to shift to different gears using the shifter or paddles on the steering wheel; however, you won’t have a clutch pedal—just simply tap the paddle or move the shifter to change gears.

Comfort and Drivability

Driving a manual can be thrilling. It’s exhilarating when you have the extra control manual transmissions provide, giving you more finely tuned acceleration and maneuvering. You need to stay engaged, and it can make you feel like a racecar driver as you shift from one gear to the next. However, automatic transmissions are easy, and you can focus more on the road and your speed rather than what gear you’re in. It’s much more comfortable, but you lose the feeling of the car being an extension of your driving power.

Durability and Maintenance

When searching the inventory of the best used car dealerships Boise offers, you should know how the transmission type affects durability and maintenance. Automatic transmissions require more components to change the gears efficiently, meaning they don’t last as long as manual transmissions. Repair costs are also more for automatics. Because you have more control, manual transmissions often last longer and cost less to repair. However, manual transmissions do feature a clutch that will eventually need to be replaced.

Price Differences

When searching for the best Boise used cars, you probably have your budget in mind. A manual costs less to manufacture, and there’s often lower demand for manuals. However, it’s not uncommon for sports cars and heavy-duty trucks to feature manual transmissions, and some buyers covet these models. This creates a classic supply and demand situation since the dealer might have fewer manual vehicles on the lot compared to automatic versions of the same model.

Which is right for you? Both manual and automatic transmissions have their perks, and it comes down to your driving preferences, needs, and budget. The only way to find out is to take a test drive. Head to the best dealership in the Treasure Valley and explore their wide selection.


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