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When you continually do these things daily, you cannot lose.  Overthrowing Anxiety Review In fact, it will be impossible for the adversary to defeat you, deceive you, or trick you. When you saturate yourself in the Truth – God's Word – NOTHING false, NO deception, NO unclean thing will be able to stand or operate in your life, as a child of the Most High God. God's Word is light and the darkness cannot remain hidden but the light Jesus, which lives in you, is greater than the darkness Satan of this world.

Just as God spoke to the darkness in the beginning Genesis and it obeyed Him, you too have the authority and power to speak on God's behalf wherever darkness exists in your life, your loved ones, and those in your realm of influence. Light will show up and all darkness evil spirits will have to flee. It darkness must obey the Word of God that you speak or confess in faith. It is your faith that overcomes the world. Fear does not overcome the world. Murmuring and complaining does not overcome the world. Anger and bitterness does not overcome the world. Strife and contention does not overcome the world.

When people, even Christian sisters and brothers, who operate from these things they are participants of the dark deeds of the enemy himself. The enemy lives, moves, and has his being in all such destructive and painful activities. In fact, he is energized, motivated, and activated to bring more of the same to those who do the deeds of the flesh.

There is NO power, protection, help, deliverance, or peace to those who work the deeds of the flesh. When people decide to die to their flesh and to doing things ‘their' own way, and turn to the light of Jesus Christ, immediately they have the ability, by faith in Jesus Christ, to walk in authority, power, and dominion.



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