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Metal cans are widely used for storing all kinds of products. In Saudi Arabia, they are also largely used particularly for industrial storage purposes since they are safer and have better durability when it comes to industrial goods. 

Metal may not look flashy but it remains an essential packaging option for manufacturers, industries and end-consumers. Be it filling a vehicle with gas, purchasing paint or a motor lubricant, most likely the carrier of these goods was a metal container. 

Types of Metal Cans

Metal containers are available in all shapes and sizes. But for industrial purposes, they have the following types – 

Cylindrical cans:

Cylindrical cans are available for industrial purposes where both the top and bottom can be seamed for the purpose of safety. These are largely used for storing things such as paints, engine oil, industrial oils etc. A variant of a cylindrical can is with a flex spout lid. Then there are cylindrical cans that come with a wired handled or plastic handle. 

Conical cans: 

Conical cans are another variant, some come with one bead and wire handle, others come as top seamed with wire/plastic handle and two beads. There are conical cans available with flex spout lids also. 

Rectangular cans: 

One of the most commonly used metal packaging cans especially for industrial purposes are the rectangular cans. These are used to store materials such as lube oil or thinners. They come with a bridge or wire handle. 

Benefits of Metal Containers 

1. Good thermal conductivity: 

Metal cans can be easily cooled or heated based on the needs. 

2. Great mechanical properties: 

Metal packaging containers are easy to handle, in terms of the physical state, they are rigid. They can easily withstand factors such as vibrations, stacking, and collisions. This makes for easy transportation and storage of contents. 

3. Excellent barrier properties: 

Metal containers can block gasses such as water vapor, oxygen, air, carbon dioxide etc. In addition, sealed cans can also block light, particularly ultraviolet light. That prevents the contents from deterioration, decay or fading. 

4. Convenience of use: 

Metal packaging cans suppliers usually get demands from industries wanting ease of use and convenience for storing industrial goods or raw material. Metal containers are easy to carry, especially those with wire handles, easy to open and easily transported. 

5. Good ductility: 

Metal containers have good ductility, so they can achieve high precision and high speed production for complex forming processes. Such kind of productivity allows metal packaging cans to meet a large volume of production demands. 

6. Good shielding: 

The Saudi Arabian packaging industry follows protective norms that are required by law for metal containers which make them robust and dependable. Usually metal containers have protective packaging. Apart from basic shielding such as mildew and moisture resistance, rust or shock resistance, they also have anti-electromagnetic protection shields – a useful packaging quality when it comes to industrial goods. 

7. Hygienic: 

Metal packaging cans come with proper coatings that have to meet standard parameters set by the Saudi Arabian government. This makes these cans hygienic and safe to use. 

8. Magnetic permeability: 

Metal containers are magnetically permeable, so they can be transported using magnetic force. This quality comes in handy for industrial purposes and for manufacturing industries that produce, supply and transport all kinds of goods. Every packaging company in UAE that’s selling metal containers produce them with standard procedures ensuring magnetic permeability. 

Metal packaging is becoming more and more environment-friendly as companies study more effects and uses in various industries. There are a large number of industries whose storage depends almost entirely on such containers. 

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