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My beautiful lady, kiss my jelly.

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Although Tingting always looked down on me, she was shocked by me when she knew I was rich, but she still pretended not to know I was rich and pretended to look down on me. But I have no ill feelings towards this girl. On the contrary, I think her pretentious appearance is very interesting, and I always like to tease her.


Then I went to Han Xiyin's home and said hello to her parents. We went out for dinner together.


The place to eat is a moderate restaurant in the city. The restaurant is not very luxurious, but the taste is very good. At that time, just after the New Year, more people came out to eat in the city. When we went there, the private rooms in the hotel were all full, so we sat on the scattered table outside.


Because of the good taste, several of us were very happy to eat. At this time, Gao Lu and Chen yuanyuan had a good attitude towards me. They knew that I was a rich man. When they spoke, they always held me in their hands and winked at me, a little seducing me.


Tingting is still a cold face, I deliberately angry with her, “Tingting, like you this ordinary family, probably can not eat such a good meal?”? The restaurant here is quite expensive. It costs more than two hundred yuan for five of us. Do you have so much money?


Of course Tingting did,silk ficus tree, so she turned over her wallet angrily. Then she thought I was angry with her, so she put away her wallet and looked at me coldly.


At this time, the phone on my body rang, and it was Shen Bingbing who called me. When I saw his phone, I couldn't say how annoyed I was. At this time, a group of our brothers hated him very much.


Then I didn't answer his phone and pressed the phone. But he kept calling me, and I didn't dare to turn it off and mute it,faux ficus tree, for fear that other brothers would not be able to find me.


He took it and said impatiently, “What for?”


“Brother Yue, where are you? I want to play with you.” On the phone, Shen Bingbing said lazily.


“What do you want from me?” I asked.


Because there are always beauties around you, and I like the beauties around you. I want to *** them, and I'm very interested when I see them. Shen Bingbing said.


“Go to hell!” After listening to Shen Bingbing's words, I immediately hung up the phone.


However, shortly after I hung up the phone, I saw Shen Bingbing come in with several bodyguards. It scared me. It really scared me. I don't think he's an idiot anymore. He's a psychopath. He makes me sick, but he sticks to me all day, and I can't get rid of him.


I was almost scared to cry, so I lit a cigarette and asked him, “How did you know I was here?”


Brother Yue, large palm trees for sale ,large artificial blossom trees, you are the eldest brother of Jincheng. It's not easy to find you? You're the most famous in the city. I'll know where you are if I ask a few big brothers. Shen Bingbing said with a smile.


After listening to Shen Bingbing's words, I couldn't help looking around. Seeing several young people looking at us at a table not far away, he quickly looked away from me.


Yes, this Shen Bingbing, he actually bribed all the big brothers of our Jincheng. Must be the day of the opening of the entertainment city, Niu Er and his group of big brothers knew that Shen Bingbing was rich, so they all rushed to curry favor with him. Then Shen Bingbing wanted to find me, so she called them, and they helped me find me. Now I can say so, as long as it is a Jincheng hoodlum, even if it is not a hoodlum, the kind of half-mixed, or the kind of want to mix, they all know me.


Shen Bingbing wants to find me, just give them a call, they ask the younger brother below, if I am not deliberately hiding, they can basically find me.


“What do you want?” I looked at him nervously.


“Brother Yue, why do you look like this? You look at me like an enemy.”. I'm your brother. I'm your little brother. I don't mean anything else. I just want to play with you. And look at the beauties around you, they are all very beautiful. Said, Shen Bingbing then showed a face of wretched expression staring at Han Xiyin they look.


Han Xiyin, Tingting, Chen yuanyuan and Gao Lu, the four girls, Han Xiyin is the most beautiful. Her dress is fashionable, and she exudes a gentle and artistic atmosphere. Followed by Tingting, Chen yuanyuan and Gao Lu, these three girls are also good, each has its own taste. Tingting is cold, Chen yuanyuan is sick, and Gao Lu is lively and outgoing.


“Brother Yue, who is this beauty? Is she your woman, too?” Shen Bingbing fell in love with Han Xiyin at a glance and looked hard at her with a pair of eyes. As if to strip her naked.


“Yes.” Seeing Shen Bingbing look at Han Xiyin like this, my heart suddenly annoyed. And that Han Xiyin saw Shen Bingbing look at her like this, also looked a little unhappy.


“Fifty million. How about lending her to me for fun?” Shen Bingbing immediately bid.


“What!?” After listening to Shen Bingbing's words, Han Xiyin and Tingting were all stunned. This Shen Bingbing's eyes let them feel a little unhappy, at the moment he said, but also let their hearts filled with a strange feeling.


Shen Bingbing is an idiot. Zhang Yuhui said he was an idiot before. His thoughts can't be thought by ordinary people at all. Even if Shen Bingbing is really interested in Han Xiyin, how can he talk like that. He can't even talk like that if he's a little sophisticated.


“Is it less?” Shen Bingbing was stunned when she saw Han Xiyin. Then she touched Han Xiyin's hand and said, “Beauty, tell me your bank account.”. You play for me. How about I give you another 20 million besides Yue's 50 million?


“Are you sick,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, classmate?” After listening to Shen Bingbing's words, Gao Lu could not stand it at once. And Han Xiyin was so frightened that he immediately withdrew his hand and looked at me with strange eyes.


“I'm sick. Do you have any medicine?” Shen Bingbing smiled.


After listening to Shen Bingbing's teasing, Gao Lu immediately felt particularly sick. Then he frowned at him and was so angry that he didn't know what to say.




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