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If you have bad (or less than average) eyesight, then perhaps you are already familiar with the importance of glasses. Glasses help you see better under certain conditions and protect your eyes from damage. But according to what your optometrist says, you may need special ones to help you see better. The most important part of the glasses is your lenses, and if you do not have anything like a progressive lens in Singapore when your doctor calls for it, you may have a harder time seeing.

You can find all types of lenses when you visit a glasses store. Which ones have special features that benefit the user? Learn more about some types of glasses lenses people wear every day.

1. Blue light lens

What we call blue light is the light emitted by many electronic devices such as our phones, screens, laptops, and personal computers. Many experts trace eye fatigue to blue light emitted by these devices. A pair of blue light glasses in Singapore may be able to help your eyes.

2. Myopia correction lens

Myopia is a common condition wherein you can see objects close to you very clearly, but objects that are further away from you are blurry. This is more commonly called nearsightedness. When you have nearsightedness, you might need a myopia correction lens for your eyeglasses. These eyeglasses can help you see things further away and correct your vision.

3. Anti fatigue lens

Do your eyes get tired easily? Then you might have sensitive eyes or eye problems. Go to an optometrist as soon as possible to know if anti-fatigue lenses may help you cope with everyday life.

Don’t let your eyesight falter in your older years. You can get special lenses like a transition lens in Singapore when you check out Better Vision’s catalogue of products.



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