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Narrow Planters And Sustainable Office Design

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Over the past five years, the term sustainability has been the preferred term for those who want their projects and businesses to be aligned with today´s drive to protect natural resources and make the world a better place.

However, not many know how to make a place, process, or organization more sustainable. The concept seems to be in constant change, and the definition morphs as more people discover new ways to achieve the stated goals.

Nonetheless, as more and more people adopt sustainable habits, businesses and organizations have become more informed and conscious about these trends and act accordingly. At first, many only adopted environmentally friendly practices, recycling resources or sourcing their supplies from what we now call green companies. Today, these ideas have now permeated into the office environment, and have had an impact on how employees see their workspace and interact with each other.

Environmentally Sustainable Buildings
Sustainable architecture and interior design focus on minimizing the impacts structures and buildings have on the environment. For years, humans have tried many approaches to make their buildings more sustainable. However, only today do we have the technology and sufficient understanding of how human activity can be directed in a way that is more in line with nature and sustainability goals.

You can now address many problems when designing your office space: energy efficiency, carbon emissions, air quality, water usage, natural lightning, and much more. Moreover, high-efficiency systems that minimize negative environmental impact also provide long-term savings.

For example, low-flow sensor faucets reduce water consumption by up to 30%. Energy-efficient equipment and appliances also represent significant savings that, when combined with environmentally conscious behavior such as turning off computers or company-wide carpooling initiatives, the overall consumption of resources decreases significantly.

Modern office designs incorporate natural light into their processes. This not only helps save money by reducing energy consumption but also brings immense benefits to employees positively impacting performance. We see techniques such as the implementation of reflective surfaces, skylights, sloped ceilings, and more.

Ventilation also plays an important role in environmentally sustainable office design. Fresh air has proven to have a positive influence on health and mental wellbeing. Employees with access to fresh air have proven to be more alert and engaged in their jobs, making them more productive while reducing sick day occurrences.

One of the best ways to improve indoor air quality is to adopt plants and greenery. Many companies and office buildings have adopted green roofs that not only help filter out carbon emissions but also reduce air conditioning or heating costs.

Studies have shown that indoor plants help reduce stress among employees. The presence of small trees and lush greenery makes the workplace more attractive by helping workers reconnect with nature. Plants also reduce noise levels which is extremely important in dynamic spaces.

The best thing about plants is that they can be brought in without having to fundamentally transform the building structure. Interior designers usually recommend high-quality and commercial-grade narrow planters for office spaces, hotels, malls, and restaurants.

Narrow planters are a great alternative for businesses that are hard-pressed for space but want to enjoy the benefits of indoor plants. They make a natural home for tall plants and make maintenance a breeze allowing caretakers to easily water your plants or spruce them up if needed.

Narrow planters can also be used to add privacy or separate spaces without obtrusive walls or rigid structures.

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