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You must have assessed the estate's worth before applying for probate to determine whether inheritance tax is due. If you have already informed HM Revenue and Customs of the entire estate for probate registry online, you must:

Wait 20 working days after filing the tax papers to HMRC before starting to make any potential inheritance tax payments.

  • Before applying fees, in the absence of a will
  • ask for probate after the application

You can apply for probate on your own via mail or online. It might be less expensive to do this than to hire a probate specialist, such as a lawyer, to submit your application on your behalf. Normally, it takes 16 weeks from the time you submit your application to get probate, and if it can take longer if you need to provide more information. This manual and the service are also available with us.

Join the probate service so that you can:

  • Check your active application.
  • View completed applications and follow an application's development
  • If you need assistance with the online application

There are two types of help offered. Request help if

You can apply online, but there is a problem, like a technical problem, or you need help or direction to apply online, such you don't feel confident using the internet.

Get help if you're having problems applying online.

Should this happen to you:

  • Have technical issues that are related to the service.
  • With relation to the information you are providing, you require advice.

To apply, you'll need specific paperwork. Which documents you need will depend on the application's requirements.

Typically needed records include the ones below:

  • Death certificate or coroner's report (only for personal applications)
  • Prior to applying, each executor shall initial the original Will, any necessary original codicils, and any original lists or maps referred to in the Will.



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