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Getting your hands on exclusive handmade home décor items has always been like winning a battle. And, this is because of the kind of story that these handcrafted wooden platters bring in your house while adding an aesthetic paradigm to your kitchen interiors.

Our serving platters, unlike any other wooden products, are manufactured from a sustainably grown wood that are food safe. However, in our daily lives, we find it difficult to properly handle wood items.

So, to ensure that your stunning serve ware lasts a long time, we have some simple ways to keep them looking as good as new.

Hassle-Free Handling

To begin, it is essential to understand that cross-contamination is real and possibly dangerous, specifically for boards that are utilized as cutting boards and wooden serving platters too. For example, if you cut raw meat on a board and then proceed to cut up some pineapples on the same board, then there are fair chances that both types of food may have odor issues which could be unhealthy.

So, it is very important to use natural wood material that can be cleaned easily for multiple utilities in the kitchen.  

Correct Cleaning and Sanitation

Your wooden platters would need gentle care. Wash your trays in warm, soapy water because using dishwashers is not recommended. Constant exposure to heat and water can cause the wooden platters to crack and break. 

Also, remember to use a clean and soft scrub or sponge every time. Using a clean cloth avoids cross-contamination of dirt and odor.


The color change is a natural occurrence in wood products because of their often-routine use. So, if you want to pace down the discoloring process protect it from bright sunlight and humid air.

Natural oiled surfaces require the application of neutral oil. To reduce bending, we recommend that you always oil both sides of the platter. 

Completely drying it

It is essential to fully air dry your wooden platter to keep it food safe. Bacteria require moisture to develop, and you don't want to provide your food to get contaminated with it. After washing, gently dry with a paper towel and allow to air dry in a well-ventilated area of your kitchen.

Managing Stains and Odors

If your wooden platter begins to smell unpleasant, one of the simplest fixes is to sprinkle fresh lemon juice on the surface. Ascorbic acid interacts with and dissolves the bacteria, oils, and other soluble components that cause odours and stains.

Getting Rid of Nasty Stains

Baking soda works well for removing tough stains from decorative platter. Sprinkle baking soda over the soiled area and wipe with a warm water-dipped sponge, cloth, or brush.


When the platters have a lot of deep grooves from regular use, it's time to replace them. This is because larger scratches created by blades can contain germs and provide greater surface area for collecting moisture and allowing bacteria to multiply.

Use these simple care ideas on your Orvi platters to let your platter stay sparkling.

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