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Pay arrow coin is a wide-scale solution that allows companies to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment in real-time as an Integrated solution in their existing businesses.


With day by day, many cryptocurrencies getting into the market, blockchain technology is becoming the future of our financial needs.

Blockchain technology is now allowing more & more people to get involved and some possibly bad projects getting in having complete control over token supply in the market.

Whole government functions and institutions are now being created with what we call trustless trust, without any central authority in the middle to block it.

Pay arrow coin on other hand would be contributing to the blockchain and entering a completely new concept with getting into Ethereum based tokens, with this new approach.

Today, Pay arrow coin is a self-sustained business finance consultancy managed by eminent entrepreneurs, focusing on carefully selected trade and commerce projects.

But just as we know that not all great ideas can come to fruition, we also know there are many experts all over the world who can help good ideas grow into exceptional businesses.

That is why our ultimate goal is to build a platform where hundreds of thousands of the best startups, exporters/importers, and trade finance communities can go to expand their potential and find investment.

A platform for cross-border transfer trades to occur smoothly with an escrow system being provided by Pay arrow coin. In doing so, the Pay arrow coin will become a platform that will harness the disruptive power of the Blockchain and translate the logic of interactions into successfully distributed business models that shape the future.


Since ever blockchain technology has hit the market there are thousands of cryptocurrencies being deployed in the market, with the majority being tokens who”s all numbers are under founders/creator's hold, where trust between coins holders & founders to be maintained at founders intention towards whole projects.

With the current crypto market rising above 160 Billion USD since ever.

Looking at the bigger picture Pay arrow coin has become apparent that the token, crowd sale” model can not only provide funds for a daily transaction but also for cross-border transfer, for buying goods and services worldwide, which includes tangible as well Intangible items with an escrow server being provided by Pay arrow coin.

The booming rise in cryptocurrencies market capitalization has contributed to the success of the number of startup projects, organizations and even to the rise of new level blockchain technology.

Traditional trades mostly still remain on the sidelines due to the lack of a structured due diligence process, it’s hard to pick the best Blockchain project to support. A more structured and secure space is required before we can expect a large number of funds to flow into the distributed economy.

Despite the progress of technology, most experts still only work with local companies. While there are several platforms

Inside Code:

Pay arrow coin offers a fair understanding between users & expert developers, so we have made the source code of the contract available for anyone to read through on Github, one can find a link for same on our official website:- http://www.payarrowcoins.com

Unlike traditional mining where miners need to purchase high ends costly hardware which would eventually depreciate in value over time and pay huge in electricity costs for mining, offers the smart way to mine the currency.

Pay arrow coin would choose 4000 hard code genesis from top contributors from crowd sale run by Pay arrow coin from 06 July 2021 for a month.


The crowd sale for Pay arrow coin is run to raise initial support for Pay arrow coin & select miners amongst the top 4000 contributors towards crowd sale.

  • Crowdsale will start. from 15th July 2021

1st week – Million Pay arrow coin (50% extra )

2nd week – 5 million (40% extra )

3rd week – 5 million Pay arrow coins (30% extra )

4th week – 5 million (20% extra)

5th week -10 million (15% extra)

6th week -10 million Pay arrow coin ( 10% extra)

Pay arrow coin crowd sale pricing:- 

1st Week 1 ETH = 2000 Pay arrow coin

2nd Week 1 ETH = 1500 Pay arrow coin

3rd Week 1 ETH = 1000 Pay arrow coin

4th Week 1 ETH = 500 Pay arrow coin

All stages include a 10% flat bonus


The advent of blockchain technology has introduced the world of decentralization and is challenging our preconceived perspectives of the current social, political, and economic systems, most notably, the central banking system. The rapid advancement of this technology has begun to blend world borders and statutes, providing glimpses of an improved, alternative future. Yet, the technology is still in its infancy and is confronted with limitations in terms of performance, ease of use, and service quality. 

Generally, the majority of blockchain projects place emphasis on their decentralization methodology and lack evidence of adoption in the real world due to their technological and business limitations. The Pay arrow coin Coin Project (“PAY ARROW COIN Network”, “we”, “our”, ” us”)aims to overcome such challenges and help advance our society towards true hyperconnectivity.

This paper outlines our vision and philosophy of the Pay arrow coin Project and details on the supporting proprietary technologies that have been in development over the past few years. More importantly, we discuss actual use cases with dozens of reputable institutions that are already in the Pay arrow coin Network. This demonstrates our progress beyond the initial concept stage and validates our team's strong execution ability; a major factor that differentiates the Pay arrow coin from the majority of blockchain projects today.

Pay arrow coin is inspired by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's rhizome – ” the world with no center point and the world where any point is a mere connection to other points.” Pay arrow coin is a connector of disparate cryptocurrencies with different blockchain governances, and furthermore, a connector of the crypto world to our real world. Pay arrow coin embraces the new and the unfamiliar, the principle of radical inclusion accepts new ideas and decisions made by the new republic established by ever-changing crypto-to-real world connections.

Each miner gets rewards per even number of Ethereum blocks to his ether address immediately and this is how the best ever smart self-mining works.

Pay Arrow coin mining makes a complete fair distribution of mining rewards towards all genesis accounts.

Business Model:-

Unlike other cryptocurrencies Pay arrow coin support extraordinary business modulation run by its entrepreneurship team.

Since the distributed economy, tokens are at the core of a project. Since presenting Icon, we”ve had many interesting conversations about creating tokens that harness the full power of the distributed business model.

A well-designed currency increases in value along with the network. It incentivizes the community and early adopters to use, participate, spread, and evangelize the platform that it represents.

This bootstraps a global community where everyone shares incentives to make the project grow and succeed.

Pay Arrow coin support Cross border money transfer led by its entrepreneur team around the globe, wherein making trades between different countries much easier & fast than ever.

Pay arrow coin would support a blockchain-based E-commerce platform where anyone with small/big deals, products, services, tangible, intangible items would commence an international trade.

Pay arrow coin would offer such trade & transaction with a highly reliable blockchain-based Escrow method which would protect the buyer as well seller from any unwanted fraudulent trades.


From the team of Pay Arrow coin, the upcoming project recharge smart would contribute immediately [coin business model of e-commerce support, wherein Pay Arrow coin can be traded for products/services around the globe. Goals:- In the distributed economy, tokens are at the core of a project. Since presenting Pay arrow coin, we”ve had many interesting conversations about creating tokens that harness the full power of the distributed business model.

A well-designed token increases in value along with the network. It incentivizes the community and early adopters to use, participate, spread, and evangelize the platform that it represents.

This bootstraps a global community where everyone shares incentives to make the project grow and succeed.

 Technology on Export/Import using Pay Arrow Coin:- 

The Pay Arrow coin Blockchain can benefit the SMEs or the Exporters/Importers in the following manner:

Cutting down the fraudulent activities involved in cross-border export/import documentation and also reducing costs.

Trade values are transferred securely with the digital ledger uniqueness.

Privacy on trade data is ensured through cryptography and tokenization.

Flawless execution of the contract between the exporter and importer because of Ethereum SmartContract.

Escrow funding executions for cutting down fraudulent activities Some of the most intense discussions we had among the team, with our advisers, and with potential supporters revolved around value return — should we do it and, if so, how it should be done.

In the end, we decided against pure direct value returns. Pay Arrow coin is a platform and, the most value will be created when building and leveraging the networks of projects, supporters, and experts.

We feel that this leads to unnecessary regulatory complexity and unaligned incentives — the supporters wish to keep costs down to increase returned value, which is counter-productive to rapid platform development.

Using the profits to speed up platform development, geographical and market penetration has the potential to bring multiples of value spent. For example — a $10 Million profit would be minuscule when distributed among the token holders, while that same amount spent on an additional developer or a publicity campaign would bring much more value to the platform and indirectly to token holders.

That said, additional Pay Arrow coin tokens will have to be bought on the market to fuel the crowd-funded processes on the platform — for example, paying crowd-sourced project evaluators. Once the platform is operational, the token flow should operate in a closed cycle, with an equal number of tokens leaving and arriving on the platform. But until that is complete, the team will have to “fuel” specific functions using the tokens bought on the open market. This will start as the first functions are transitioned to the platform at beginning of 2018.

 Global Expansion 

The Blockchain system is rapidly evolving at many global hotspots. A Pay arrow coin hub in as many of them will:

Increase Pay arrow coin brand recognition and give greater access to regional projects and experts,

    • Accelerate our capacity growth and incoming projects
    • Simplify team selection and collaboration
    • Help us keep in touch with the many talented individuals and engaged communities
  • Build the brand for the crypto community but also in the old economy


The basic Pay arrow coin financial model includes a European Pay arrow coin hub and two additional hubs. We have already started building our first Asian hub in Bangkok and are planning for a quick expansion to Las Vegas.

Other hubs would be added as soon as revenue streams allow it.

More Information About Pay Arrow Coin

  • Official Website:- http://www.payarrowcoins.com
  • Token Blockchain Name:- BEP-20
  • Token Name:- Pay Arrow Coin
  • Token Symbol:- PAC
  • Token Supply:- 30000000
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