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Pediatric Physical Therapy Indianapolis: K1ds Count Therapy

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pediatric physical therapy indianapolis is an essential part of children's healthcare, just like any other medical care. K1ds Count Therapy provides pediatric physical therapy services that are client-led and client-centered. Their focus is on maximizing children's potential to function independently and promote active participation in the home, school, and community environments. With a team of experienced and caring physical therapists, K1ds Count Therapy helps children overcome various physical challenges and achieve their full potential.

What is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Pediatric physical therapy indianapolis is a specialized field of physical therapy that focuses on the assessment and treatment of children from birth to 21 years of age. Physical therapists use various interventions and techniques to help children with developmental delays, congenital disabilities, injuries, or illnesses that affect their physical abilities. Physical therapists work with children to improve their gross motor skills, mobility, strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

At K1ds Count Therapy, their physical therapists work collaboratively with parents, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals to develop individualized treatment plans that address the unique needs of each child. They use a variety of play-based interventions to make therapy sessions engaging and enjoyable for children while improving their physical abilities.

Services offered at K1ds Count Therapy:

K1ds Count Therapy offers a range of physical therapy services to children in Indianapolis, Zionsville, Brownsburg, and Crawfordsville areas. Their services include:

Evaluation: They start with a comprehensive evaluation of the child's physical abilities and limitations, taking into account the child's medical history, developmental milestones, and functional goals.

Intervention/treatment: Based on the evaluation, they develop a customized treatment plan that includes various interventions and techniques to help the child improve their physical abilities. The treatment plan may include exercises, stretches, manual therapy, functional training, and adaptive equipment.

Re-assessment: They regularly re-assess the child's progress to determine if the treatment plan is working effectively and make any necessary adjustments.

Discharge planning: Once the child has achieved their goals, they develop a discharge plan that includes recommendations for continued practice outside of the clinic setting to maintain progress.

Why choose K1ds Count Therapy for Pediatric Physical Therapy in Indianapolis?

K1ds Count Therapy has a team of experienced and compassionate physical therapists who are committed to providing the highest quality of care to their patients. They have a client-centered approach that focuses on maximizing each child's potential to function independently and participate in their daily activities fully. They collaborate with parents, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals to develop customized treatment plans that address the unique needs of each child.

In addition, K1ds Count Therapy is part of a vibrant community of professionals, therapists, clients, and families dedicated to empowering one another. Their mission to SERVE Together outlines their core values of selflessness, empathy, resourcefulness, value, and encouragement, which are reflected in every aspect of their practice.

Contact K1ds Count Therapy Today:

If you're looking for pediatric physical therapy services in Indianapolis, Zionsville, Brownsburg, or Crawfordsville areas, look no further than K1ds Count Therapy. They are committed to providing the highest quality of care to children and their families. You can contact them at 1 (317) 520-4748 or email at info@kctherapy.com. You can also visit their website to learn more about their services and mission to SERVE Together.


PHONE: 1 (317) 520-4748
EMAIL: info@kctherapy.com


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