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Beautifully crafted jewelry is a gift any mom can truly appreciate, especially if she doesn’t splurge on herself very often. If you’re looking for something special for the holidays this year, treat your mom to sentimental, hand crafted jewelry. From charms and stones to chain necklaces and bracelets, choose just the right piece with the following ideas and tips.

1. Meaningful Mommy Charm

A personalized mommy charm can take on a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes—and always be that one charm on her necklace that’s a beautiful keepsake. You can create a charm that marks a special moment in time and tells a story with initials, names, dates, and even exact handwriting. You can also pick a ready-to-wear “mom” charm with diamonds and artistic symbols that mean something to her.

2. Hand Crafted Chain

She has the charm; does she have the chain? A beautiful hand crafted chain is another fine piece of jewelry that’s just as important as the charms that may adorn it. Sterling silver and solid yellow gold chains in various lengths and link sizes are timeless and will last forever. Contemporary options include stainless steel black chains, which would really pop with a gold charm and black lettering. She could also don her chain as a stand-alone piece for everyday wear.

3. Monogram Aesthetic

Timeless monogram oval charms surrounded by diamonds are definitely gift-worthy. A monogram charm is the perfect accessory on a chain and looks great as the focal point to any outfit. If you want an elegant oval charm, you can have each letter hand stamped (as opposed to engraved) and make sure it’s framed in a border of diamonds for extra sparkle. An extra special mom would love it. A simple round charm with a single hand stamped letter and a tiny diamond is also a beautiful touch for a more minimalistic look.

4. Precious Stone Caged in Metal

If your mom has a favorite stone or color, you could pick a gorgeous precious stone that’s sure to be eye-catching in a bold color. She’ll always think of you when she wears it, too. You can elevate the stone with customization options, such as having it wrapped in 14k yellow gold with a gold bar across the stone for a name, initials, or a quote. You could also have a little heart or dog paws added as well for a personal touch that she’ll treasure for a lifetime.

5. High-Polished Cross in Solid Gold

A cross is a classic symbol of faith and love. Take this personal gift to the next level and treat your mom to a hand crafted cross made with solid gold, featuring hand-set diamonds and a high-polish finish. This piece would look perfect on a 14k gold or black stainless steel chain.

Make this year the holiday season you give your mom a unique piece of jewelry that tells a rich story about her life. You know her better than most people, so whatever personalization you decide on will make her feel special and loved.

About Heather B. Moore

Let your jewelry from Heather B. Moore tell a rich story about your life. Every personalized piece begins with a journey of love, laughter, and family. Heirloom jewelry from Heather B. Moore isn’t about trends but documenting one’s story, letting the person wearing the piece remember what shaped them along the way. Created with the highest level of craftsmanship possible, sentimental fine jewelry and charms feature hand stamped letters, numbers, symbols, and even exact handwriting or a child’s drawing. The artistry that goes into Heather’s B. Moore’s jewelry also allows for a one-of-a-kind piece that will last a lifetime and can be passed down to the next generation. Cherish Who You Are® and celebrate your life and loved ones with meaningful fine jewelry.

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