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Designing a website is a great way to enhance the visual communication of a business with its targeted audience. Along with an indelible logo and website development; a website design can make it easier for a visitor to know what your brand is about and what kind of product and service one wants to take up. For a website designer, it’s quite essential to know the points while planning a website design. I’ve written the points that a web designer in a Web Design Company in NJ should keep in mind while making a plan to design different pages of a website.

Know the Target Viewers

Every business has a target audience. So, while making a website it’s very crucial to know what product or service the business is dealing with. If it’s a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) that is for females then using feminine colors like pastel pink,  peach, china pink, rose, baby pink, and coral will be suitable. Patterns like floral print, chinoiserie to show a decorative style, ogee, paisley also work well with a light shade of colors for feminine products and services. Products belonging to men can have colors gray, blue, dark khaki, camel, taupe, warm tones of green, beige, jade, and brown. If a product-specific color is used then that is suitable.

Layouting of the web pages by the designer should be done in a way in which the viewer can read properly without any congestion on the page. Arrangement of options, headlines, images, and content on the website should be uniform, minimalistic and specific to make the viewer decide thoroughly as to why a product or service should be taken. 

Create a Content Strategy

Brands these days are having blogs as a section to educate viewers about the features of the product and service the business is dealing in. For eg- a business dealing in floor tiles can write blogs related to kinds of tiles that can be applied in bathrooms in houses. This way viewers can make up their minds regarding where to use and apply the product. Also, fresh content every day or on alternate days published on a website attracts viewers to read as people are always fascinated to read something new. Blogs help businesses to create a personality and their identity. It helps to gain viewers’ trust in the brand. Web designers should work on the content strategy for the website to make sure the viewers come back. Content strategy is required for the brand to drive traffic, increase sales, and other business results through content. 

Make Favorable Content by Content Writers

Making content that is worthy enough to attract and grab a viewer’s attention shows a clear reward for the time spent in reading the content. While reading on the internet many viewers don’t read lengthy texts, so, a web designer should make sure that a content writer writes short text and there are more pictures and multimedia on the website. After the text, pictures, and multimedia to be kept on every web page are decided then the web designer should decide how all the significant elements should be arranged for a visually appealing and functional website. 

Selective Features To Include

Elements like social media buttons, embedded videos, online quizzes, and online forms are features that make a website interesting. It’s significant to figure out what elements you need in advance to create a unified design. 

So, knowing the target viewers, making a content strategy, arranging short and engaging content with other elements on a website & including selective features are some of the points.

A web designer should also know the purpose to make a website, make a website easy to use & use the right colors are some other points that a web designer should keep in mind while designing a website of a brand.


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