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  1. Movies
Color grading is a known post-production process in nearly all films and television series. This technique is important for ensuring that a scene matches the emotion or story it is trying to portray. Color grading, by definition, is altering the lighting and the coloring of a scene to make it look different to the viewers. For example, a setting […]
  1. Movies
Motion capture is the art of transferring the movements and facial expressions of a human onto a computer-generated image or a character. Today, in VFX, motion capture is used extensively to generate unique characters. Think about Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. The entire character is computer generated, and the expressions and dialogue for […]
  1. Movies
Softwares have changed the way that we perceive things. Before what was art on paper was not digital art, before, what was unimaginable in terms of conceptualization in real-time is now easily made through software and 3D printing. One such asset that has profoundly impacted the way games and movies are made, especially movies with […]
  1. Movies
13 years after James Cameron’s release of Avatar, the sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, was released in theatres this year. Avatar broke multiple records upon its release and is known to be a marvel of visual effects, computer graphics, story, concepts, and sheer imagination. The movie is estimated to have gross earnings of $2.9 billion.    James Cameron’s Avatar has been […]
  1. Visual Design
If OTT platforms were previously undervalued, Netflix has completely transformed the game. Netflix originals are among the most mind-blowing episodes and films that have transformed visual effects. The use of VFX in films and television shows has never been more innovative. The entire premise has been transformed by content that knows no bounds. After seeing […]


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