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Dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, model mobil neo-klasik sangat makmur. Yang paling mencolok adalah gaya Bonneville tradisional dan kemunculan kembali XS-1, dua penguasa Inggris dan Jepang yang dominan. Oleh karena itu, artikel ini akan membandingkan kedua mobil dan jelajahi keduanya. Pembalap yang berpartisipasi dalam tes ini adalah Hiroshi Maruyama (kanan) dan Hiroaki Numoo (kiri). Hiroshi Maruyama […]
In the automotive field, the most topical models, such as Jeep Wrangler, Porsche 911, and Subaru STI, are often full of personality-particularly prominent in some aspects, but also often have obvious shortcomings in other aspects. And other models, such as Toyota Camry, we rarely see people obsessed or fanatical for them, but they dominate the […]
The automatic scooter (scooter) Honda Vario is equipped with a high-performance engine. In order for performance to be maintained, the temperature must also be maintained. For this reason, Honda has attached a coolant or radiator system to this injection scooter. The radiator has a function to cool the engine by absorbing heat through the coolant. […]
Something that is used can be a reflection of us. No exception to the motorbike driven. For example, many people who like classic and retro choose to ride the Vespa Sprint . Apart from the choice of the motorbike, the appearance can also reflect the rider. If the motorbike is poorly maintained, the owner may also be mistaken for being lazy […]


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