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Psychology involves the scientific study of the human mind. With society becoming more open to discussing mental health issues, the significance of this branch is on the rise. Add to that the anxiety and depression caused by lockdown across the world. Unsurprisingly, it has led to an ever-increasing demand for trained professionals in this field. Thus, it resulted in Psychology becoming one of the most in-demand careers currently. Let us weigh the pros and cons of choosing psychology as a career.

  • Psychology Career:

As a part of career planning, many students prefer psychology as their profession. Psychology involves interacting with people regularly. The success of this largely depends on the effectiveness of this interaction. For this, a specific set of skills need to be developed. The following are the most important ones among those.

  • Communication Skill: Psychological treatment involves counseling sessions with the patients. The effectiveness of these sessions depends on the communication skill of the psychologist. The psychologist should be able to listen carefully to the patient, analyze the information, and help the patient towards accepting the facts or reaching a decision. It provides the patient with a strong sense of confidence in the psychologist. So a person who is planning a career in psychology should have and develop good communication skills.
  • Passion & Compassion: Both are necessary to have a promising career in psychology. Passion is essential to growing in any career. As psychology involves dealing with patients with weak states of mind, compassion is essential.
  • Patience: It is the deciding factor for a person’s success in this field. There is no fast workaround in this field. Time is essential for things to get sorted out. It may take years for patients to come to terms with their issues. So a good psychologist should keep trying and be patient enough to have things work out in due course.

The above-mentioned personal skills are prerequisites for a promising career in psychology.

  • Pay Scale in Psychology:

It is a significant factor for career planning in any field. Depending on the specialization, qualification, and experience, a counselor can charge anywhere from Rs 300-Rs 3000 per session. The combination of all these factors decides the remuneration. For the right person, it does pay well.

  • Work-Life Balance:

Since most of the sessions are scheduled much in advance, a counselor will get the benefits of work-life balance. You can choose your working hours. Some patients may seek emergency care at odd hours. You will need to develop mental strength and fortitude to not get emotionally invested with your patients.

However, to move ahead, you will have to keep yourself updated on the latest development in the field, participate in research studies and seminars, etc.


Today, there are numerous Psychology career options, but success and satisfaction depend on the individual's mindset. It is better suited for people with a greater empathy towards others.


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