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A lease agreement is one of the important contracts that are related to property and real estate. Tenants are expected by many landlords to sign lease agreements prior to tenants moving into a rental property. This is an agreement signed between a landlord and tenant, which provide the latter with the right of living in the property for a specific time period. It generally covers a rental period ranging between 6 and 12 months. Both parties – the landlord and the tenant – are bound to the lease by this type of a contract. Any free lease agreement, whether a residential or commercial lease agreement, should include these common terms.

Names and addresses

The lease agreement must include the names as well as contact information of both parties – the landlord and the tenant. This is important, so as to ensure that both of them can be easily identified as well as accessed whenever needed.

Rent and payment details

Whether it is a Florida residential lease agreement or a commercial lease agreement, it must mention the rent amount, the terms of payment, amount of security deposit (if any), particular details regarding who would be responsible for payments for utilities, extra fees for parking, pets or any condition agreed-upon. Residential leases are contracts which clearly show the arrangements between a tenant and landlord, including duration of agreement, rules regarding pets, rent etc. A lease contract that is well-worded well thought out and strong can be used to ensure the protection of the best interests of both parties. Neither party can make any change to the contract without the other’s written consent.

Tenancy details

The type and length of the tenancy must also be included, so as to help anybody understand whether the agreement is a rental contract or a lease contract. The right of entry, what constitutes illegal activities and disruptive behavior, alterations and damages to the premises etc must be mentioned as well.

Basically, this kind of agreement needs to outline all the vital aspects of the contract that landlords need their tenants to agree to. It must make a clear mention of the property manager or landlord’s expectations and responsibilities.

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