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Tips earned from restaurant or hotel customers is a way that staff can earn an additional income for themselves. Many people who work in the hospitality and food service industry depend on this extra income to survive. 

If you are a server, dressed up in your elegant server aprons in a restaurant and want to earn more tips, then these simple strategies will help. When it comes to customer service, the most important thing is your attitude. Customers can sense when you're being fake or just going through the motions with them. So be sure to stay positive and genuinely care about their experience! Your attitude could be the difference between getting a good tip or not. 

Here are some tips for earning more tips:

– Don't forget to greet customers – this sets the tone for how they will feel during their entire visit.

– Be attentive but not intrusive – keep an eye on your tables without making it obvious.

– Ask if there is anything else they need before walking away from a customer's table.

– Encourage feedback with a survey or comment card.

– Share your knowledge when they ask for recommendations.

– Let them know about upcoming specials and deals just before it's too late to take advantage of them (Loyalty points!).

– Smile!

– Know regular customers by name, and remember their preferences, so that you make them feel special.

– The uniform you wear, including the waist apron, should be clean and professional, with no wrinkles or stains  

Using these methods will help you to earn more tips as a server, but most of all it is the way that you treat your customer that will make the difference. Your attitude and personality as a server, a face representing the restaurant, will define whether the customer keeps coming back to you or goes to a competitor as well.  

So, it is always more than just the tip. You should think of the tip as the bonus you get for creating a memorable and exceptional experience for the customers you serve.


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