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If you run a business, you usually make decisions for the well-being of your business. And getting funds quickly to give a boost to your venture is one of the most important yet difficult decisions you have ever made. Also, business funding is one of the most faced issues by most business owners.   

Further, you may be confused about choosing the right option to finance your business. It mostly happens when your business requires fast cash. Moreover, we have included some scenarios you might come across in order to run your business and what is the right action you can take to deal with such situations. 

4 scenarios that require you to get fast business funding

1. You want to commence with your first venture

If you are on the way to get your first venture off the ground, you will need to look for fast financing options. The first financing option you can try is a traditional bank loan. If you are not able to get a bank loan, no issue. You can try other financing options. There are many options available in the market to assist you in your first entrepreneurial journey by providing quick cash. You can get cash for your business without a high credit score and any history in a business. Moreover, these financing opinions are:

  • Business credit cards: A business credit card provides several benefits for business owners. It works like a consumer card that you usually paid in full at the end of the month. Moreover, if you aren’t able to pay off the monthly bill, the remaining balance is considered as the next month’s due. 
  • Self-funding: Self-funding is the best way to finance a business. For self-funding, you can utilize your savings or get cash from family, friends, or relatives. This method of financing a business saves you from high-interest bank loans and moneylender debts.     
  • Crowdfunding: In this way of generating cash for the business, you usually go to the public and ask to support your business financially. There are two famous crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter and GoFundMe. It is an effective way to generate cash for a venture but you need to provide something to the supporter in exchange for their funding including a product or service or a perk. 

These are the best alternative to bank loans to finance a business but you shouldn’t overlook bank and small business loans. You need to have patience after applying for a bank loan. Bank loan requires time in final approval but you can get loans at a better interest rate compared to other options. 

Moreover, banks come with special plans for small business loans or SBA. You must try for a bank loan while having a lot of patience. 

2. You have a business credit card and you need to pay for it.  

Combine all your debts: Combining all your existing debts into a single one and paying them off by taking a new loan at a low-interest rate. In other words, you can say you are consolidating all your debts with a loan. It is a great way to get rid of multiple debts, loans, and credit card bills. By combining all your debts and paying them off with a low-interest rate loan allows you to take care of your business in terms of finance. 

Note that consolidating debts can be challenging for you who aren’t financially sound. Because you need to consider your funding timeline, financial needs, and credit score while deciding on debt consolidation. You should look for a financial expert who will combine all your debts for you while taking care of your current financial condition.

Pay off your business credit card on time: If you own a business credit card, pay it off on time. Avoid collecting dues on your credit card. Your good credit history will help you secure more funding at a reasonable interest rate. 

3. You need to increase your business inventory   

Go for loans that finance your inventory or working capital: If you think your working capital is being utilized by the inventory, go for inventory financing loans. Using such loans is a great way to free up working capital. For this, you can try to get short-term loans. 

Further, you may think about the role of working capital in a business. Working capital is the one that has the responsibility to meet the everyday expenses of a business like a payroll or rent. So, if you think you should increase working capital in your business, you need to calculate its requirement by your business. To calculate working capital, subtract the current liabilities of your business from the current assets. If the subtraction value is negative, you may need to go for a working capital loan. 

Working capital loans are usually available for short terms. That you can’t use it for bigger, long-term purchases. You can get such loans at low-interest rates from banks. 

Avoid taking debt with a high interest rate: It is not good for you and your business’s financial health to take out debts with a high-interest rate. When you take on debt with high interest, it becomes a matter of stress for you and your family. Moreover, before going for any debt, first, calculate the amount you will pay with interest. And then choose the right one for you. 

4. Pay off all your vendors     

Go for invoice financing: Invoice financing is a great way to meet a business’s short-term liquidity needs. It can also be beneficial for you. Think how. If you have issued several invoices to your customers and the customers haven’t made the payments yet then you have a chance to support your business financially.

You can apply for invoice financing based on the unpaid invoices by your customers. Any lender can provide our financial assistance based on the unpaid invoices.

Be ready to pay your unpaid invoices: If you have taken invoice financing then note that you might need to pay for your unpaid invoices. That means if your customers don’t pay off their invoices, you will need to pay for them. Moreover, these 4 scenarios can push you for small business funding so keep yourself ready for that.

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